Get Ready to Present Your Site!

Created by Brittany Crow, Modified on Thu, 23 Feb 2023 at 02:59 PM by Brittany Crow

You've set up your site and familiarized yourself with the software. Now, it's time to go live! So, what's your first step? We recommend that you:

  1. Test out the volunteer perspective
  2. Check your branding
  3. Upload some spotlights and add some images
  4. Start drafting your community announcements

In this article, we cover: 

Testing the volunteer perspective

Before you go live, it's best to test out your site from the volunteer's perspective. This lets you see how the site functions from the front end when a new user signs up and starts responding to your opportunities. Here are the steps we recommend for testing out your site:

Check your branding

You've probably already established how your site looks, but before you go live, double-check that all of your branding elements are in place and appear as you want them to. Be sure to check:

Branding elementsWhat to check
Site colors
  • Be sure to check your site colors to see if they appear on the front end as expected. 
  • Are they ADA-compliant? 

Note: If your site colors are not appearing on the front end correctly, be sure to clear your cache and refresh the page.

Banners, Logos, and Favicon
  • Check that you've uploaded banners, logos, and a favicon and that they meet the size requirements for the best look!
Spotlights and Images
  • Do you have at least one to three spotlights on your site? 
    • You can always add them as a button to the navigation too! 
  • Personalize your site with images.

Create announcements!

We've created several templates that you can use or help inspire your own creations! 

  • The templates were created in Canva, which we highly recommend; however, you can use whatever graphic design software you prefer! 
  • Click here for those templates to get started.