How Do I Enter My Hours?

Created by Brittany Crow, Modified on Fri, 12 May 2023 at 10:10 AM by Brittany Crow

Once you complete a volunteer opportunity, you can track your hours and build your volunteer resume! You can add all of your volunteers hours directly from the Track Hours area of your volunteer dashboard. If you need help submitting hours or run into any difficulties using the site to submit your hours, please reach out to your advanced program managers, program facilitators, or site managers for assistance—as they're the ones that manage the site and can further assist and troubleshoot the issue. 

How to enter hours

To get started: 

1. Login to your account.  

2. Click Add Hours from the top menu.  2. This opens your Track Hours page. 

  • Here you can review the hours you've already submitted or submit new hours for opportunities you've completed! 

3. You can either click +Add Hours or scroll to the section titled Hour Type

4. Are you submitting hours for a volunteer Opportunity that you responded to on the site?

  • If yes, check Yes and use the Select an Opportunity dropdown to select the Opportunity you responded to. 
    • If the Opportunity had assigned shifts, select the shift you're adding hours for. 

  • If no, check No and enter the required information in the Individual Details fields. 

5. Fill out the Hour Details section. 

6. Did you bring a friend to volunteer? 

  • If you brought a friend to volunteer with you and they don't have a registered account on the site, then check Yes under the Plus-One Hours field. 
    • Answer the additional fields about the plus-one hours you're adding. 

  • If you didn't bring a friend to volunteer with you, check No under the Plus-One Hours field.

7. You can add a Description of what you contributed at the volunteer Opportunity. 

8. When you're finished, click Submit Hour Entry

So you know: You can also enter hours from the Opportunity Responses page of your volunteer dashboard: 

1. Click your initials or profile picture from the top menu. 

2. Select Opportunity Responses

3. Under the Options column, use the Select an action dropdown to select Add Hours

  • You may see a popup warning you of duplicate hours if the Opportunity already has submitted hours for it. 

4. This takes you back to the Track Hours area of your volunteer dashboard—follow the same steps for entering your hours. 

  • Here's an infographic that breaks down the process: 

 So you know: You can also enter hours with the Check-In Kiosk. Click here for more details!