User Group Leader? Click Here!

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Heads up! This article is intended for volunteers

User groups are a way for site managers to group volunteers by similar interests, skills, backgrounds, etc. If you've been added to a user group or made a user group leader, you may be wondering what your role is. As a user group leader, you can manage a user group's roster, export a list of user group members, review hours and more. Click here for more information about user groups. Here we cover:

So you know: Some site have language overrides in place. This means you may see Needs in place of Opportunities, Agencies in place of Programs, Prerequisites in place of Qualifications, etc.

How to access My User Groups

1. Click your profile image or initials from the top menu bar. 

2. Select My User Groups

  • This opens the My User Groups area of your profile. 

How to access your user group roster

Once your in the My User Groups area, you can review and manage the roster. Just click the pencil icon under the Options column. 

  • Only user group leaders have the pencil icon.  
    • Reach out to your program manager or site manager for assistance if you believe you were supposed to be assigned as the user group leader. 

How to manage a user group roster

After you click the pencil icon from the My User Groups area, it opens a new window with a list of user group members. From here, you can: 

  • Export a list of the members to a CSV
  • Copy a join link to share
  • View your user group's resume

  • Review member hours and statuses

  • Add or remove members from the user group

How to remove user from the user group

To remove a user, click the X under the Options column for that user. 

How to add new user group members

To add new members, enter a valid email address in the field next to the Add New Member button, then click the Add New Member button. 

  • They must have a registered account on the site with that email address.