Review or Update a User Group as an Advanced Program Manager

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 Heads up! This article is intended for advanced program managers. If you're a site manager, click hereIf you're a program facilitator looking for information about reviewing your programs, click here. 

As a program manager, you can review important information about the user groups assigned to the programs you manage. User Groups are a great way to categorize volunteers who share similar interests or are from the same church, school, or workplace! User Groups can be added to an Opportunity response or your site manager can create them to group volunteers who share special skills or training—like doctors, skilled trades, veterinarians, etc. A user group is also a great way to manage discreet information about volunteers associated with court-mandated opportunities! In this article, we cover: 

So you know: You can manage and update user groups that have Opportunities from your Program assigned to them but you can't create a user group—only a site manager can create a new user group. 

Managing your user groups

From the User Groups area of your dashboard, you can: 

  • See all the user groups assigned to your programs
  • Review basic information about those user groups, including the: 
    • User group title, ID, private description, and type
    • Number of user group members
    • Assigned user group leaders
    • Programs associated with the user groups
  • Copy join or resume links for user groups
  • Visit the Update User Group page for each user group

How to review your user groups

To review the user groups assigned to your programs, go to Volunteerism > User Groups

So you know: 

  • Only a site manager can create new user groups and assign them to programs. 
  • If a user group appears in a light gray text in the table, then its status is Inactive

How to filter the table

You can filter the Manage User Groups table by clicking the Table Filter button. Check the boxes you want to appear in the table. You can always uncheck them later to remove them as needed. 

So you know: You can sort your table by clicking the arrows beside each column title or filter by filling in the blank text fields to get the information you need! 

How to update a user group

If you need to update a user group, click the title or ID from the Manage User Groups table. 

From here, you can:

  • Download a CSV that contains a list of all the members in that user group
  • Add or remove members 
  • Add or remove user group leaders
  • Assign or unassign opportunities to the user group 
  • Find the Copy Join Link to share with potential user group members

 So you know: The CSV includes additional fields that do not appear in the table, including: 

  • User ID
  • User Domain ID
  • Status

How to add a new member

You can add a volunteer to a user group, even if they aren't assigned to your program. To add a new user group member:  

1. Go to Volunteerism > User Groups and select the User Group you want to add a new member to. 

2. Type the volunteer's email address into the Member Email field beside the Add New Member button.  

3. Click Add New Member

How to add opportunities

You can assign active opportunities to a user group: 

1. Go to Volunteerism > User Groups and select the User Group you want to add an opportunity to. 

2. Type the active opportunity title in the field beside the Add New Opportunity button. A dropdown appears with the available active opportunities. 

3. Click Add New Opportunity

So you know: Opportunities that are Inactive or Pending don't appear in the dropdown. If an opportunity is later marked Inactive or Pending, it no longer appears in the User Group Opportunities table.