Track Your Data With Google Analytics

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Would you like to see your site's traffic data—like, the number of visitors to your site, what pages on your site are the most popular, or even which opportunities and programs get the most views? You can do this with Google Analytics! Here are a few important terms to keep in mind as you go through the process of setting up your Google Analytics: 

  • Tracking tags: You may also see tracking pixels. Tracking tags—or pixels—are used to capture activity on your site to see where the most traffic or clicks are
  • Tracking IDs: These are the IDs used on your site that let Google know what property it's looking at

Here, we cover: 

So you know: Google's Universal Analytics recommends using the Google Analytics 4 (GA4) property. Their Universal Analytics (UA) property stopped processing data July 2023. Their UA 360 property stops processing data July 2024. For the best experience, please convert to the GA4 property. 

How can I track my data? 

To use Google Analytics on your site, you must first signup for it

1. Go to Google Marketing Platform

  • You can also just search for Google Analytics to sign up. 

2. Click Get Started Today

3. Select Start Measuring and fill out your information. 4. When you're finished, Google provides you with a tracking ID. 

  • Save the tracking ID to add it to your site. 

I have my tracking ID—now what?  

Once you have your tracking ID, you can apply it in your site's main settings area.   

1. Go to Settings > Main Settings2. Scroll to the Custom Code area and input your tracking ID into the Google Analytics field.  

3. Be sure to click Update Settings to save your changes! 

So you know: 

  • We support: GA 5 Tags—G-XXXXXXXXXX. 
  • Once you enter your code, you should be able to start accessing your data within 24 hours.