User Types on My Site

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Main user types with access on my site

Your site has a few different types of users accessing it, including site managers, advanced program managers, program facilitators, and volunteers. Here's a brief overview of the different roles and their descriptions and abilities: 

Site Manager

As the site manager, you're the one in full control of the entire site, including:

  • Site-wide branding
  • User information
  • Communication tools
  • Reports

Note: There's a limit of two site managers.

You can: 

  • Establish the look and feel of your site through branding, logos, and site colors
  • Manage schedules
  • Create new opportunities
  • Approve programs and opportunities
  • Edit notification templates and send email blasts
  • Access canned reports
  • Add  opportunities, qualifications, teams, user groups, users, anmore
  • Work from the site manager panel
  • Export important data for reporting
  • Create benchmarks to celebrate your volunteers' achievements
Advanced Program ManagerAdvanced program managers are assigned as primary or secondary managers over the programs in your organization. They can't make any site wide changes, but they can edit the programs they manage and schedule volunteers for opportunities within those programs. Advanced program managers can: 
  • Manage volunteers in their programs—including hours, information, qualifications, and responses
  • Post volunteer opportunities
  • Schedule volunteers for opportunities
  • Edit the programs they manage
  • Launch the Check-in Kiosk
  • Create and manage teams
  • Send email blasts to volunteers in their programs
Program Facilitator A program facilitator helps you oversee your programs and opportunities for those programsProgram facilitators can: 
  • Review important info like who's volunteering today, available opportunities, volunteer responses, and volunteer qualifications 
  • Export data for reporting
  • Monitor the Check-in Kiosk
VolunteerWhile anyone can be a volunteer—including the site managers or program facilitators—this generally means any user that wants to volunteer on your site by responding to opportunities and tracking their hoursVolunteers can: 
  • Search for volunteer opportunities by date, location, skills, and more
  • Sign up for opportunities individually or as a team
  • Receive system emails
  • View and download their volunteer resume 
  • Submit and track their volunteer hours

Other user types

Your site also has the option to assign a site supervisor and user group leader:

Site SupervisorDo you have someone on your site your volunteers need to know about? You can assign a site supervisor! A site supervisor is someone that acts as a good point of contact for your volunteers
  • They are a point of contact for volunteers
  • Their name and email appear on the front end of the site
  • Their information also appears in the FEMA reports
User Group LeaderIf you create user groups on your site, then you can assign one of your volunteers in a specific user group as the leaderUser group leaders can: 
  • Add and remove User Group members
  • View total responses and hours attributed to the User Group
  • View User Group member names and email addresses

Note: A user group leader can perform the same edits to the user group as you can