Managing Teams as an Advanced Program Manager

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 Heads up! This article is intended for advanced program managers. If you're a site manager, click hereIf you're a program facilitator looking for information about reviewing your programs, click here.  

While teams are typically operated and managed by the volunteers themselves, you can review the teams in your Programs from the Teams area of your dashboard. From there, you can review teams data, export teams information, email team leaders or members, and more! Here we cover: 

How do I manage my program's teams? 

Teams are managed by the volunteers within them. Usually, a team leader manages team information and so on. As the advanced program manager, you can review that data, update teams, and unregister them as necessary. Here's a breakdown of what you can do to manage your Program's teams: 

How can I update a team's information? 

If you need to update who the team leader is, change the number of reserved slots a team has, find a join link to copy and share with potential new team members, or even add new members, then: 

1. Go to Volunteerism > Teams2. Click on the name of the team you want to update.

  • This opens up the Team Response window. 

3. Update or even unregister the team as necessary!

What can I update in the Team Response Window?

Most edits or updates to a team should be handled by the team. However, you can apply necessary edits or add hours as needed within the Team Response window: 

How to update a team's leader

Once you're in the Team Response window, check the box under the Leader column for the new team leader. 

  • If there's only one team leader, be sure to check the box for the new leader before unchecking the box for the old leader. 
  • To remove the old team leader, remove the check under the Leader column for that volunteer. 

How to edit a team member's response

Do you need to edit a team member's response? This is helpful when a required question has been added and needs to be updated for a volunteer on a team! 

1. In the Team Response window, click the pencil icon under the Options column for the response you want to edit. 

2. Click Submit Member to save your changes! 

How to remove a team member

In the Team Response window, click the (X) icon under the Options column to remove a volunteer from a team. 

In the Team Response window, you can find quick links to: 

  • Add Default Hours: If you click +Add Default Hours, it adds the number of hours assigned to that Opportunity. 
    • For example, if the Opportunity was created with 5 hours set as the expected number of volunteer hours, then 5 hours are added to that team's record for that Opportunity. 
  • Email Members: If you want to directly email volunteers in a team, click Email Users and fill in the Subject and Message fields. Click Send Email when you're ready. 

  • Copy Join Link: Want to share a link with potential team members? Click Copy Join Link and share it through social media, email, etc.
  • Copy Resume Link: Want to share a team's resume with others? Maybe you want to recognize a team for their awesome contributions. You can even use this to quickly share and compare the successes of the various teams assigned to your Programs! Click Copy Resume Link and get sharing!


How to add new members to an existing team

In the Team Response window: 

1. Click Add Team Member

2. Type a valid email in the Member Email field. 

  • If the volunteer is registered on the site and meets the required qualifications for the Opportunity, then a popup appears asking if you want to add the registered user with that email address. 
    • Click Yes to confirm or No to cancel. 

3.  Answer any required Response Questions as applicable. 

4. Click Submit Member when you're ready! 

So you know: 

  • If the volunteer isn't registered on the site, or doesn't meet a qualification requirement for the Opportunity, then a warning pops up. 
    • The warning instructs you to send the volunteer an email to either register on the site or get qualified for the Opportunity. 
  • If the Opportunity is at capacity, then you won't be able to click the Add Team Member button. 
    • You can edit the Opportunity's capacity and reserved slots to add more members as needed. 

So you know: A join link can also be shared with volunteers for an existing team: 

How to update reserved slots

In the Team Response window: 

1. Click on the dropdown for Reserved Slots beside the Update button. 

2. Select the number of Reserved Slots you want to add. 

3. Click Update to save your changes. 

So you know: You can also reduce the number of Reserved Slots by changing it to a lower number as needed. 

How to unregister a team

If you need to remove a team, you can either unregister them or delete their response. 

To unregister a team: 

1. Click on the Team Name that you want to unregister. 

2. In the Team Response window, click Unregister Team

So you know: 

  • You can also click the (X) under the Options column from the Teams area to delete a team response and remove that team from your Program. 

How to add hours to an individual on a team

You can also add hours for teams from the Teams area! To add hours for an individual team member: 

1. Select the Team Name

2. Under Options in the Team Response window, click the hourglass icon for the volunteer you want to add hours for. 3. Fill in all applicable or required fields on the Add Hours form. 

4. Click Submit Hour Entry at the bottom of the form to add those hours!  

How to add default hours to a team 

To add default hours for a team in bulk:

1. Select the Team Name

2. Check the box beside the volunteers you want to add default hours for. 

3. Click +Add Default Hours.

✏️ Quick tip: You can select all team members by checking the box to the left of Email when adding default hours! 

How to email team leaders and members

Emailing team leaders

If you need to reach out to a team leader or even all of your team leaders: 

1. Go to Volunteerism > Teams

2. Check which team or teams you want to email the leaders for. 

3. Beside Actions, select Email Leaders

  • This takes you to the Email Blasts area of your dashboard. 

4. Fill out all required or applicable fields and click Send Email Blast when you're ready. 

✏️ Quick tips: 

  • You can review which volunteers are listed as recipients by clicking View Users
  • Want to test it out? Click Send Me A Test to review how the email appears to the volunteer before you hit send!

Emailing team members

If you need to reach out to a team's members or to all members in a team: 

1. Go to Volunteerism > Teams

2. Check which team or teams you want to email the members for. 

3. Beside Actions, select Email Members

4. Fill out all required or applicable fields and click Send Email Blast when you're ready. 

  • Remember, you can review the recipients list by clicking View Users or send yourself a test email by selecting Send Me A Test

How to export teams data

Want to review details about your teams? This report includes information about your teams like team ID, team name, team leader and their email, team size, the number of members, what Opportunities they have assigned, etc. To export this information: 

1. Go to Volunteerism > Teams

2. Click Export All Teams

  • This exports data for all of your Program's teams to a CSV. 

How to add reserved slots

You can add reserved slots in the Team Response Window or directly from the Teams area! 

1. Go to Volunteerism > Teams

2. Click on the number in the Reserved Slots column for the Team Response you want to update.

3. Type the number in the field and click Update