Teams: A Guide for Volunteers

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Heads up! This article is intended for Volunteers. If you're a Team Leader looking for information about managing your team, click here. Site Managers, please click here

Volunteering is fun, especially when you can share the experience with coworkers, family, and friends! If you'd like to share your volunteer experience with your circle of friends, you can respond to an Opportunity as a team. In this article, we cover the steps for responding to Opportunities as a team and how to build your team!

So you know: Some sites have language overrides in place. This means you may see Needs in place of Opportunities, Agencies in place of Programs, Prerequisites in place of Qualifications, etc. 

How to respond as a team

If an Opportunity lets volunteers respond as a team, you'll see a button that says Respond As Team when you visit that Opportunity's page. 

1. Go to Opportunities from your dashboard. 

2. Filter for Opportunities that allow teams to respond to them. 3. Click the Opportunity you want to respond to. 

4. Click Respond As Team—if the button is available. 

  • You can also click the Respond As Team button beside the specific shift you want to volunteer for—if the Opportunity has scheduled shifts. 

5. Give your team a title and add yourself by clicking Add Me. 

  • You can also see important information about the Opportunity on this screen to help you build and schedule your team.

6. Now, you're ready to start adding volunteers to your team! Click Add Volunteer to start adding your coworkers, family, or friends! 

  • You'll need to enter the volunteer's contact information and click Add Team Member to save your changes. 

7. Once you've added all of the volunteers to your team that you need, be sure to check the box under Leader to assign someone as your team leader. 

  • Team leaders can manage the team, including: 
    • Edit team member data
    • Submit volunteer hours
    • View the status of submitted hours and edit them
    • View or edit the team name or description
    • Email team members
    • Add or remove team members
    • Change the number of reserved slots for an opportunity 
    • Send possible new team members an invitation link to join
    • View the team's resume
    • Edit a team member's response
    • Add or change team leaders
    • Delete a team response to an opportunity
  • Team members can't manage the team, but can accept or decline volunteer opportunities shared with them. 

8. When you finish building your team, click Continue to select when you want to volunteer! 9. On this screen, you'll select the shifts that you want to volunteer as a team for.

  • If you want to respond to all available shifts for that Opportunity—toggle the button beside Respond to All Shifts to On
  • If you want to respond to individual shifts for that Opportunity—check the box to the left of the Shift Begins date and time. 

10. Be sure to click Finish to save your changes. 

How to update a team

If you're a team leader, you can make changes to your team as needed.  

1. Click on your profile image or initials and select My Teams2. Click Manage Team under Options in the table. 3. From here, you can:

  • Add hours
  • Email team members
  • Copy a join link for the Opportunity that you can share
  • Add or remove team members
  • Unregister the team
  • Review submitted hours for the team
  • Change the number of reserved slots if available

So you know: Once you create a team, you can reuse it when responding to Opportunities in the future or create a new one.

A note about Reserved Slots

Reserved Slots are a good option if you want to add people to your team who don't have accounts on the site. 

  • Please note that this option may not be available on all sites—it's only available if a Site Manager has enabled it. 
  • When adding someone to a team via a reserved slot, you only enter their first and last name, and answer any required questions as necessary: 

How to reuse a team

Once you've created a team on a site, you can reuse it for future volunteer Opportunities—or create a new one as necessary. If you already have a team in the system, then when you click Respond As Team, you are given the option to Use One Of My Teams or Create a New Team. To get started reusing a team: 

1. Click Respond As Team

2. Select Use One Of My Teams

3. With the Select Team dropdown, select your team name. 

4. Review your team members. 

  • Want to remove someone? Just uncheck the box by their name.

5. Click Continue

6. Now you can add more volunteers by clicking Add Volunteer

  • If the user has a registered account on the site, then the site asks you to confirm if that's the user you're adding.
  • Enter a valid email address and the first and last name for the volunteer. 
    • You may have to answer a required question for them. 
  • If the Opportunity has required qualifications that must be submitted before responding, you won't be able to add volunteers until they're qualified for it. 
  • If the volunteer doesn't already have an account, be sure to recommend that they complete their profile setup and any waivers or qualifications for the site.

7. Click Add Team Member

8. Set someone as the team leader by checking the box by their name under Leader

  • You can mark more than one person as a team leader. 

9. If the Opportunity has scheduled shifts, click Continue and select the shifts you want to respond to. 

  • The Continue button is only present for Opportunities with scheduled shifts.

10. When you're done building your team and selecting your shifts—as applicable—click Finish. 

So you know: When reusing a team, if any team members don't meet a required qualification, they're grayed out and you won't be able to select them when building your team. 

  • Reach out to them to have them complete the required qualifications so they can participate in the Opportunity. 
  • Let them know that even after submitting the qualification, they may have to wait for approval. 

I'm a team member—now what? 

Now that you've been added to a team, you can always remove yourself from it if you'd like! You can also review details about the team response, see your team's resume, or email the team leader(s). 

1. Click on your profile image or initials from the top menu bar. 

2. Select My Teams

3. Under the Options column, use the Select an action dropdown to either Email Leader or Remove Me From Team

4. To view your team's awesome accomplishments, click View Resume

  • You can select a date range to view on your resume too.
  • Want to export your team's resume, just click the Export As PDF button.  

The join team link

You may be invited to join a team through a join link. A join link can be sent to potential team members by the team leader, advanced program manager, or site manager. If you're invited to a team through a join link, there may be some additional steps you must complete before you're officially on that team. For example, you may have to answer a response question or complete a qualification for a volunteer Opportunity to complete the process. Here are a few things to consider: 

  • The link may be sent to you through a direct message or to your volunteer profile inbox 
  • If you don't already have an account on the site, you'll need to set one up as part of the process
  • You may have to wait for a pending qualification to be reviewed and approved by a site manager or advanced program manager before completing the process

In this example, the user already has an account on the site and has received the join link in their inbox:

1. Click the link. 

2. Complete any required response questions or qualifications as applicable. 

3. Once all necessary fields are complete, click Join Team

  • After clicking Join Team
    • A notification is sent to your inbox that welcomes you to the team and another that thanks you for your interest in that Opportunity 
    • You can access the team's information from the My Teams area
    • You can update your response to that Opportunity at anytime