How to Create a Team as a Site Manager

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Heads up! This article is intended for site managersIf you're an advanced program manager, click here. If you're a program facilitator looking for information about reviewing your programs, click here.

Teams are a fun way for volunteers to respond to an Opportunity with their coworkers, family, or friends! While we strongly encourage volunteers to create and manage their own teams, we know that you might be asked to form one on behalf of a volunteer. You can do this right from the Teams area of your dashboard! Here we cover: 

How to create a new team

To get started: 

1. Go to Volunteerism > Teams

2. Click Add a Team

3. Use the Select Opportunity dropdown to choose the Opportunity the team is responding to and click Continue

So you know: Teams are only formed in response to an Opportunity. You, your advanced program managers, and your volunteers can create teams in response to an Opportunity. 

4.  Click Create A New Team

  • Click here for information about responding to an Opportunity with an existing team. 

5. Begin building your team!

6. Give the team a name. 

7. To start adding volunteers, click Add Volunteer

  • You can also add volunteers from an existing user group by clicking Add From A User Group.
    • This opens up the Add Volunteers from User Group window where you can select an existing user group to add members from. 
    • Be sure to click Add to Team after making your selections!
  • Want to add yourself to a team? Click Add Me!

8. Type the volunteer's email address in the Email field. 

  • If the volunteer is already registered on the site, then their information populates in a warning popup. Click Yes to confirm or No to cancel. 
    • When you click Yes, the volunteer's first and last name populates in the First Name and Last Name fields. 

  • If they don't have an account, you must enter a valid email and their first and last name. 

9. Click Add Team Member when you're done filling in their information. 

  • The volunteers appear in the table as you add them. 

10. Want to make someone the team leader so they can manage the team themselves? Be sure to check the box under the Leader column for that individual. 

11. If you have additional spots available, you can select the number of reserved slots you want to include with the dropdown beside Reserve Additional Slots

  • This allows volunteers in the team to bring a friend to the Opportunity to fill those additional slots. 
  • You can check your team size in the righthand corner to see how many spots can be filled for that Opportunity and the number of shifts available.

So you know: The reserved slots option might not be available for your volunteers depending on your site's settings. Check your Main Settings page to see if you allow team members to be added without emails. 

12. When you're ready, click Continue

13. If the Opportunity has scheduled shifts, check the box beside the shifts you want the team to respond to. 

  • You can also toggle the Respond to All Shifts button to On if you want that team to respond to all available shifts. 

14. Select Finish

  • Now that team response appears in the Teams Overview table where you can edit, manage, or update it at any time. 

The volunteer perspective

Volunteers can create their own teams by responding to an Opportunity in a few simple steps! 

1. They find an Opportunity. 

2. Click Respond As Team

3. Fill out their team information and they're all set to volunteer with their coworkers, family, or friends! 

So you know: You must check yes for the Allow Team Registration setting when creating an Opportunity so that volunteers have the option to Respond As Team.  

✏️ Quick tip: Are your volunteers wanting a more in-depth guide for creating team responses to Opportunities? You can share this resource to help get them started!