How to Deactivate Waivers

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If you need to deactivate a waiver, you can. Please note that if it's attached to a qualification, you must remove it from the qualification and then deactivate the waiver. For information about deactivating qualifications, click here. Here we cover: 

How to deactivate a waiver

If the waiver is attached to a qualification, you won't be able to deactivate it. You must first remove it from the qualification and then you can deactivate the waiver. To get started: 

1. Go to Volunteerism > Qualifications

2. Click Waiver Setup

3. Select the waiver you wish to deactivate. 

  • The Deactivate Waiver button is grayed out when the waiver is attached to a qualification. 

4. Select the qualification it's attached to. 

  • If the waiver is attached to more than one qualification, be sure to repeat the steps for each one it's attached to. 
  • Even if the qualification is listed as inactive, you won't be able to deactivate the waiver until you remove it from the qualification. 

5. Change the type of qualification. 

  • You can also create a new waiver with the Create New Waiver button. 

So you know: If volunteers already qualified for the qualification, then changing the type won't change their qualified status. 

  • You can deactivate the qualification to remove it from their profiles or you can change their status to resubmit so they can requalify for it. 
  • If you reactivate the qualification later, then it's added back to their profiles. 
    • It's still a good idea to change their status to resubmit when reactivating a qualification—especially if you made any changes to it or the waiver and need them to requalify. 

6. Click Update Qualification

7. Go back to the waiver—it should be in the other open tab, but you can also just navigate back to Waiver Setup if necessary—and select the waiver. 

  • If you click on the other open tab, you may have to refresh your screen for the Deactivate Waiver button to turn red for you to interact with it. 

8. Click Deactivate Waiver

9. A popup appears asking you to confirm your selection. 

So you know: If a waiver is pending and not attached to a qualification, you can simply click Delete Waiver to remove it. 

How to remove clickwrap waivers from Opportunities

You can quickly remove a clickwrap waiver from any Opportunity from the Opportunities area of the site. 

1. Go to Volunteerism > Opportunities

2. Select the Opportunity with the attached clickwrap waiver.  

3. Scroll to the Waiver section of the Update Opportunity page. 

4. Click Delete beside the file that's uploaded beside the Waiver section. 

  • A popup appears asking you to confirm your selection. 

5. Be sure to click Update Opportunity to save your changes. 

  • You can upload a new clickwrap waiver to replace the old one. 
  • If volunteers have already responded to the Opportunity and completed the old clickwrap waiver, they won't be required to resubmit the waiver and their response won't be affected. 
    • If you want them to resubmit the clickwrap waiver, you must first remove their response to the Opportunity and have them respond again.