How to Create a Waiver

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You can create and assign waivers to qualifications on your site. Want to learn more about the different types of waivers available? Click here

How to set up a waiver 

You can create and assign waivers to qualifications as necessary. 

To set up a waiver: 

1. Navigate to Volunteerism > Qualifications

2. On the Manage Qualifications page, click Waiver Setup

3. Select Add New Waiver

4. On the Manage Waiver page, start setting up your waiver: 

5. For Waiver Type, select if the waiver is for Adults and Minors, Adults Only, or Minors Only

Best practice: If you have a waiver that requires both adults and minors to sign it before they can volunteer, then select Adults and Minors. 

  • The site directs the user to either the adult or minor version depending on their birthdate. 

6. Name the Waiver. 

7. Click Submit

8. You'll be prompted to upload a .pdf of your waiver. 

9. Add signature and date fields for your volunteers. 

  • To add date, initial, or signature fields, click and drag the element you want to add to your waiver and place it where it needs to be in the document for signing:

  • Once you've applied the signature fields where they need to go, click Submit Page:

  • Now that your signature fields are in place, click Finalize Waiver(s):

 So you know: You can reassign the fields if necessary by clicking Re-assign Fields. 

  • If you click Finalize Waivers, you won't be able to re-assign those fields. 

10. From here, you can either create a new qualification to attach the waiver to or select Done.

  • If you select Done, the waiver appears in the dropdown menu when you create a new qualification and select Waiver as the question type. 

  So you know: Some sites have language overrides in place. This means one site might use prerequisites, another may use qualifications. Please contact us if you'd like to request any language overrides for your site!