Reviewing Qualification Submissions as an Advanced Program Manager

Created by Brittany Crow, Modified on Tue, Jun 27, 2023 at 4:34 PM by Brittany Crow

 Heads up! This article is intended for advanced program managers. If you're a site manager, click hereIf you're a program facilitator looking for information about reviewing your programs, click here. 

Some of the Opportunities that you oversee in your Programs may have qualifications assigned to them. Qualifications are used to help place qualified volunteers in the right Opportunities for them! With qualifications, you can filter volunteers with similar skills and answers to qualification questions when scheduling them for Opportunities! Qualifications can also be used to have volunteers sign important documents or waivers before they arrive to volunteer. Your site manager might have set those qualifications to auto approve or they may require a review before approval. Here we cover: 

So you know: You can review and update a volunteer's submitted qualification response if they're assigned to your Program. 

  • If a volunteer reaches out to you and says they submitted a qualification, but you don't see that qualification response, contact your site manager for help. 
    • For example, if the qualification is required to respond to any Opportunity on the site and the user isn't assigned to the Program, then you won't be able to see that qualification response. 
    • The site manager can check the status of that qualification if the volunteer doesn't see a qualified status on their end for it. 

How do I review qualification submissions? 

To review qualifications submitted to your Program's Opportunities, go to Volunteerism > Qualifications from your dashboard.✏️ Quick tip: If you see a (#) beside the Qualifications tab, it means there are submitted qualifications awaiting your approval or review.  

How do I update a qualification's status? 

To update a qualification's status, click on the dropdown under the Status column. You can change the status to: 

  • Qualified: This means the volunteer has satisfied the qualification requirement and can participate in the Opportunity they've responded to. 
  • Pending: This means the volunteer's qualification is awaiting review and approval from you or a site manager.  
  • Not Qualified: This means the volunteer hasn't satisfied the qualification requirement and can't respond or participate in the Opportunity until they're qualified. 
    • The user is notified when you choose this status. 
  • Inactive: This status means the qualification is no longer active. 
  • Resubmit: Select this status when a volunteer answers a qualification incorrectly or needs to resubmit their qualification for re-consideration. 
    • The user is notified when you choose this status. 

Why would I email users from this screen? 

You can email users listed in the Pending Qualifications table to notify them of their qualification status or to find out more about their answer to a qualification question. To email the users listed in the table: 

1. Check the box beside the users you wish to email. 2. Click Email Users.

3. This takes you to the Email Blast area of your dashboard where you can draft the email you wish to send. 4. Fill in the Campaign Name field. 

5. Select the email in the Select From Address dropdown.6. Fill in the Email Subject line. 7. Type up your custom message and click Send Email Blast when you're done!

  • If you want to check the message before sending it to users, you can click Send Me A Test

So you know: When you click on a template key under Insert Key, it auto-fills with the user's information when they open that email. 

✏️ Quick tip: If you want to check your recipients after selecting them from the Pending Qualifications page, click View Users. This opens up a new window for you to view the users you selected.