How to Create Spotlights

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Heads up! Only Site Managers can create and manage Spotlights. This article is intended for Site ManagersIf you're an Advanced Program Manager looking for information about managing your Programs, click here. If you're a Program Facilitator looking for information about reviewing your Programs, click here.

Your site comes with a variety of ways for you to personalize it to match your organization's mission and purpose! One of those features is the Spotlight feature. With Spotlights, you can call attention to important areas on your site or share clickable banners and buttons for volunteers to interact with! In this article, we cover: 

Why should I use Spotlights? 

Spotlights are a great way to customize your site and call attention to important content you want to share with your volunteers. These Spotlights will be some of the first elements your volunteers see when they access your site. You can use Spotlights for: 

  • Sharing links to custom pages that you've created and want volunteers to visit
  • Highlight upcoming important events or Opportunities 
  • Add buttons to the main navigation menu when a volunteer is logged in
  • Showcase specific Programs on the front end of your site

How to create a Spotlight

To create a Spotlight: 

1. Click Settings > Spotlights

2. Select the Add Spotlight button. 

3. Start creating fun and interactive Spotlights!

How to customize the look of a Spotlight

Now that you're on the Edit Spotlight page, it's time to customize the look and feel of your Spotlight: 

1. Click the Pick an Icon button to personalize your Spotlight with an icon.

  • This icon appears in the banner, card, or navigation button depending on the setup and order of your Spotlights.  

2. Choose a color with the Color Picker tool and click Ok

✏️ Quick tip: You can click and drag to find the color you want or use a Hex Code if you have one available.  

3. You can choose between white or black font for the title of your Spotlight.

  • This font color choice applies to the font in the banner and cards of your Spotlights on the front end of the site, for example: 

4. This is the title that appears in the banner or card, depending on what order the Spotlights are arranged. 

  • This is also the title that appears in the table on the Manage Spotlights page:

5. You can include a subtitle with a maximum of 255 characters.

  • Subtitles are great for adding any additional calls to action, mottos, or information to get volunteers to engage with the Spotlight. For example, you might say: 
    • Please review our privacy policy
    • Help a Friend
    • Ride to Save Lives—whatever fits with the purpose of the Spotlight

6. Be sure to click Submit Spotlight to save your changes. 

If you want volunteers to be taken to a Custom Page that you've created, then you can add a link to it. You can also have your Spotlight show as a button on the navigation menu for volunteers logged into your site. 

✏️ Quick tip: If you've started customizing your Spotlight but have to copy a URL for the next steps, click Submit Spotlight before you leave the page. You can return to add a URL after you've created a Spotlight. 

Copy the URL you want to add to the Spotlight. 

  • If you include a URL in the Target URL field, then you'll also be required to fill out the Link Text Field
    • You can use the Link Text as an action button—e.g. Click Here, Volunteer Now, Learn More, etc. 

  • If you want to include a link to a Custom Page you've created: 
    • Navigate to Content > Custom Pages from your site manager panel.
    • In the table, click the Page Name for the Custom Page you want the URL for. 
    • The URL is located under the Page Name field: 

  • If you want to include a link to a Program on your site: 
    • Navigate to Volunteerism > Programs from your site manager panel.
    • In the table, click the Program Name for the Program you want the URL for. 
    • The URL is located under Basic Info > Customize Link on the Edit Program page:

  • If you want to include a link to an Opportunity on your site: 
    • Navigate to Volunteerism > Opportunities from your site manager panel.
    • In the table, click the Opportunity Title for the Opportunity you want the URL for. 
    • The URL is located on the right-hand side of the page beside the field that says Opportunity Link

  • Remember to click Submit Spotlight to save your changes!

How to add Spotlights to the main navigation for volunteers

If you want your Spotlights to appear as buttons on the main navigation menu for volunteers then from the dropdown menu for Show in Navigation, select Show in Navigation. If you want to remove a Spotlight from the navigation, just change the selection to Disabled

  • The Navigation Title is the title for the button in the navigation: 

  • Here's what that button looks like on the front end to volunteers: 

  • Remember to click Submit Spotlight to save your changes! 

How to re-order your Spotlights

You can re-order your Spotlights at any time: 

1. Navigate to Settings > Spotlights

2. On the Manage Spotlights page, click and drag the three lines to the left of your Spotlights to rearrange them. 

So you know: If you rearrange your Spotlights, the first one appears as the stretched banner on the front end of your site. The next two appear as cards on your site. You can add or remove their associated buttons from the navigation menu whenever. 

Spotlight examples 

When you create Spotlights, you can re-order them as you see fit. The first Spotlight appears as a stretched banner on the front end of your site.

  • In this example, the first Spotlight listed includes a link to the organization's privacy policy:

  • The next two Spotlights that you create appear as cards:

  • Here's an example of Spotlights that have been added to the volunteer's main navigation menu: