Types of Hours: Guide for Advanced Program Managers

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 Heads up! This article is intended for advanced program managers. If you're a site manager, click hereIf you're a program facilitator looking for information about reviewing your programs, click here. 

Hours illustrate the success of your Program and the Opportunities within it, as well as highlighting the many contributions you and your volunteers are making! So, we know how important they are for your records. You may encounter a few different types of hours when reviewing that information. Here we cover: 

What are the different types of hours?


Opportunity hours

These are the hours that a program facilitator, other program manager, site manager, volunteer, or you submit for Opportunities in your Programs. You can add, approve, decline, edit, export, manage, or view these hours from the Hours area of your dashboard! 

Individual hours

These are hours that aren't associated with an Opportunity in your Program. Volunteers can submit these hours to keep track of them in their profile. You won't see these hours listed in the table on the Hours page, since they're not associated with one of your Program's Opportunities—but you can always reach out to your site manager if a volunteer has questions about them or doesn't see them on their profile. 


These are hours that are submitted on behalf of a volunteer that doesn't have an account on the site. You can add, edit, or remove these hours as needed.  To review anonymous hours: 

1. Go to Volunteerism > Hours

2. Click on the Opportunity Title

3. Scroll until you see Volunteer Hours.

4. Anonymous hours are listed with [Anonymous] as the User.  


If a volunteer brings a friend or family member to an Opportunity, they may submit those hours as plus-one hours. To find out who the plus-one hour is associated with, just hover over the red icon beside it: 

How do I know who submitted the hours? 

Want to see who submitted hours to which specific Opportunity? You can with the Source Column! The Source Column can be filtered to only show hours submitted by users, managers, at the kiosk, with the quick add feature, etc. This is a great way to quickly determine who and what method is used the most for submitting those hours! 

What's in the source column? 

The source column tells you how, where, and who submitted the hours.

  • Here are some examples and what they mean: 
/manager/hours_edit/by Joan Smith
These hours were edited by the program manager, Joan Smith. 
/home/checkin/by Mike Wheeler
These hours were added by the user after they did a self check-in for the Opportunity. 
/manager/need/hours/774270/by Joan Smith
These hours were added by the program manager, Joan Smith, from the Opportunities area of their dashboard. *This example is for an anonymous hour entry. 
/need/ajaxAddDefaultHours/by Joan Smith
These hours were added by the program manager, Joan Smith, from the Responses area with the +Add Default Hours option. 
/manager/checkinList/by Joan Smith
These hours were added by the program manager, Joan Smith, from Hours > Check-In. 
/user/hours/by Mike Wheeler
These hours were added by the volunteer from their profile. 
/kiosk/storeCheckin/by user 5833276
These hours were added by a volunteer using the Check-In Kiosk. 
manager/hours_edit/by Beatrice DailyThese hours were submitted by the site manager.