Need Some Program Inspiration?

Created by Brittany Crow, Modified on Tue, 07 Mar 2023 at 01:29 PM by Brittany Crow

Your programs house the incredible opportunities you plan to share with your community of volunteers. So, how will you set those up? Have you decided how programming will look on your site? If not, we have a few ideas to help give you some inspiration! 

What's your program style? 

To help you get started, here are a few questions to consider when thinking about how programming looks on your site: 

  • Do you have multiple locations where volunteer opportunities will take place? 
    • You can set up each program to be location-specific!
    • Let's say you run three soup kitchens in three different neighboring cities—you could create a program for each one individually that houses their own volunteer opportunities. 
    • In this example, we have set up a Soup Kitchen for East City: 

  • Do you have several different kinds of volunteer tasks available? 
    • Your programs can be designed to be task-specific! 
    • Maybe you have one program that is dedicated to back-to-school efforts (e.g., backpack stuffers) and another that is focused on tutoring services. 
    • Here we've created a program that's task-specific: 

  • Do you need multiple advanced program managers or program facilitators to help oversee different programs? 
    • You can create different programs with their own advanced program managers and program facilitators to help oversee them! 
    • For example, maybe you host an annual Santa's Workshop but also have several other programs going throughout the year. 
      • You can create different programs and assign different program facilitators to help oversee them! 
    • In this example, we've created a program for a Santa Workshop that can be managed by one program facilitator: 

ⓘ So you know: Program facilitators can't manage the programs, but they can review hours, opportunities, schedules, etc. They're your middleman—helping you and your advanced program managers with reporting and acting as the point of contact for the volunteers responding to opportunities within those programs.

  • Here's what these programs look like on the front end of the site: