Reports for Advanced Program Managers

Created by Brittany Crow, Modified on Wed, Apr 19, 2023 at 10:39 AM by Brittany Crow

 Heads up! This article is intended for advanced program managers. If you're a site manager, click hereIf you're a program facilitator looking for information about reviewing your programs, click here.  

We know just how important reporting is for your Programs! You can review and export reports about your Program's Opportunities and Users! Click here to learn more about what each report entails. Here we cover: 

How to access my reports

To access your reports, click the Reports button beside My Programs in the top menu of your dashboard. 

  • This brings you to the Reports area where you can export, favorite, and review reports for the Programs you oversee! 

How to favorite reports

You can star, or favorite, the reports that specifically meet your reporting needs! These reports appear at the top in the Favorites area. Just click the star icon beside the report title that you want to favorite. 

  • You can always unclick the star to remove them whenever you want! 

How to export reports

Do you need to have a copy of your reports on hand for an important meeting? Would you like to compile your reports in a spreadsheet for a presentation? You can always export them when you need them! 

1. Go to Reports

2. Click the report title that you need to export. 

3. Filter the reports as needed. 

  • For Opportunities reports, select the Opportunity you want to export data for with the Select Opportunity dropdown and click Go
    • You also have the option to filter by date range in the Opportunity Metrics report.
  • For Users reports, different selections are available depending on the report you're looking at. 
    • Custom Registration Question Metrics: You can filter by date range on the Overview tab or select a custom question and date range on the Detail tab. 
    • Qualification Status Review: You can select the Qualification and Status on the Detail tab. 
    • User Groups Member Metrics: You can filter by date range on the Overview tab or select a User Group and Initiative on the Detail tab. 

4. When you're done making your selections, click Export PDF or Export Spreadsheet to finish!