Reports Glossary for Advanced Program Managers

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 Heads up! This article is intended for advanced program managers. If you're a site manager, click hereIf you're a program facilitator looking for information about reviewing your programs, click here. 

You can review reports about your Program's Opportunities and Users! This glossary explains what you can expect to find in each of the reports available to you. For more information about how you can export or filter your reports, click here! Here we cover: 

Standard reports


Report Title Description
Attendance ReportThis report lets you see who attended an Opportunity they responded to as well as how many hours they have pending and approved for that Opportunity. You can also see what Team they belong to if applicable. This report is great for keeping track of your volunteers' contributions and attendance! 
Opportunity NeedsThis report is great for comparing and reviewing which of your Opportunities are getting the most attention. You can use this to determine which Opportunities might need some attention and which ones you can mimic that are successful. 
FEMA: Volunteer Data for ReimbursementThis report helps you keep track of volunteer hours and impact during or after an officially declared disaster. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requires this information for requests of reimbursement. 


Report TitleDescription
Custom Registration Question MetricsCurious about how volunteers are answering your custom registration questions? You can see who responded, their answers, their lifetime hours, and the date they last logged on! 
Qualification Status ReviewThis report is great for reviewing details about the qualifications assigned to your Opportunities! You can see their statuses, number of responses, when they were last updated and more. 
User Group Member MetricsThis report lets you compare how active your user groups are and which ones might need a little encouragement to boost engagement. You can also see which user group member has submitted the most responses and check the number of hours that have been submitted too!

Activity Reports

Report TitleDescription
Daily ActivityCurious about your site's activity on a specific day? You can review how many Program or Opportunity views you received on a specific day, the number of user logins, how many Opportunity responses your Opportunities received, etc. This report is great for seeing which days your Programs get the most activity so you can plan when to release important information for your volunteers! You can filter by a specific day as needed and export the data to a PDF or spreadsheet! 
Monthly ActivityUse this report to see details about activity in your Programs and Opportunities in a selected calendar month. See which months are the most active for your Programs and Opportunities. This report also lets you see how active you, your program facilitators, or your volunteers are in logging into Programs. You can filter by a specific month and year and export the data to a PDF or spreadsheet!
Quarterly ActivityUse this report to see a quarterly breakdown of how active your Programs and Opportunities are. You can select a specific quarter and year, as well as export this data to a PDF or spreadsheet. 
Note: The three-month quarters start with January, April, July, and October. Ex. Q1 includes data ranging from January to March.