How to Send Custom Emails as a Site Manager

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Do you want to share important information with a group of volunteers on your site? Would you like to send all of your volunteers a thank you message highlighting your organization's success? You can do this and more with an Email Blast! Here we cover: 

How do I send an email blast? 

To get started: 

1. Go to Communication > Email Blast from your dashboard. 

2. Use the User Filter to build out your recipient list. 

3. Give the email blast a Campaign Name

  • This helps you keep track of that email and its status. 

4. Select your From email address. 

  • While you can add your own verified email address here, we recommend using the provided. 
    • We recommend this because sometimes other from email addresses get lost in spam folders. 

5. Change the From Name as needed. 

6. Give your email blast a Subject

7. Customize your message with the editor! 

  • You can add images, and links, and play with the font size and color to personalize your message! 
  • Save time by inserting template keys that autofill when sent!
    • For example, if you insert {{to_firstname}} at the top of your message, then the system auto-fills that space with the individual's first name!  
    • You can test this out by sending yourself a test email to see what it looks like from the volunteer perspective! 

✅ Best practice: Please only click the template key to insert it.

8. When you're ready to send your email, click Send Email Blast

✏️ Quick tip: Click Send Me A Test to see what the email looks like from a volunteer's viewpoint! 

  • You can also click Save Email if you love the email you've drafted and think you might want to use it again as a template in the future. To use a saved email, select it from the Load Saved Email dropdown. It saves under the Campaign Name and Subject that you used for the email. 

How do I filter users for an email blast? 

You can apply filters to find the users you want to send your email blast to! To get started: 

1. Go to Communication > Email Blast

2. Click User Filter

  • The number changes beside the results when you apply the filters of your choice. You can apply several filters to get the specific volunteers you need for your email blast! 

3. Select the filter you want to start with. 

  • User Data: Select this one when you want to narrow down the field by user-specific information—e.g., user tags, user zip code, users in a user group, user skills, user date of birth, etc. 
  • Volunteer: Select this when you want to narrow down the field by user role type (e.g., Program Manager or Program Facilitator), what Program a user is assigned to, Opportunity response, etc. 
  • Program: Select this to narrow the field by user groups, initiatives, causes, etc. 

4. Continue selecting the appropriate filters based on your initial filter selection and click Submit when you're done! 

✏️ Quick tips: 

  • You can save this filter for future use by giving it a name and clicking Save User Filter
    • You can find that filter in the Select Saved Filter dropdown when you send another email blast!

  • Want to review the list of recipients you've filtered for? Click View Users

5. Now you can draft up your email for those filtered individuals!