Program Clusters for Upgraded Clients

Created by Brittany Crow, Modified on Fri, 16 Feb 2024 at 10:05 AM by Brittany Crow

Heads up! This article is intended for Site Manager

If your site was upgraded to the Amplify product and the previous site had Program clusters, then those clusters transfer to the new site. While you can still select a cluster for a Program, you can't create new clusters or manage old ones. 

  • Program clusters are not the same as Opportunity clusters. 
    • You can still create and manage Opportunity clusters. 
  • Clusters are like tags—i.e., they make it easier to group items and search for items. 
  • You and your Advanced Program Managers can select a Program cluster when creating or editing a Program profile. 
  • This field is only available for clients who upgraded to Amplify from a previous product with active Program clusters.  

How do I know if my site has Program clusters? 

If your site was upgraded to Amplify and previously had established Program clusters, then those transfer with your new product. Here is how you can check to see if you have the ability to assign those to your Programs when creating them. 

1. Go to Volunteerism > Programs

2. You can check on a current Program or click Add New Program

3. If you had any active Program clusters with your previous product, then Clusters appear as a dropdown selection on the Create Program or Edit Program page. 

  • Please note that you can't add or edit Program clusters, even if they are available. 
  • If you don't see the clusters option on either of these pages, then it may not have been in use previously if you know your product was upgraded to Amplify. 

What's the difference between Program clusters and Opportunity clusters? 

Both Program and Opportunity clusters are used to group items together. They may it easier to search for these items by using "clusters" or "tags". Clusters are essentially just another type of tag that can help make searching, sorting, grouping, and filtering for items easier. 

  • You can still create and manage your site's Opportunity clusters. 
  • Opportunity clusters allow Advanced Program Managers to assign special tags to their Opportunities that make them easier to search for and share.  
    • Click here to learn more about Opportunity clusters. 
  • If you assign a Program cluster to a Program on your site, then a user can search for that tag with the keyword search. 
    • This same rule applies to Opportunity clusters.