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Posted about 1 year ago by Emily Sathis

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Emily Sathis

One feature that would make my job a lot easier is the ability to turn self scheduling off and on for a date range. 

For example, I would like shifts to be there and opportunities to be visible even if a volunteer can't sign up *yet*. Right now, if there are no shifts in an opportunity, it goes ghost. 

We have a group of volunteers who are on a regular schedule so the "solution" I've found for this software is to add a month's shifts at the beginning of the month and manually schedule my volunteers who have those regular shifts *hopefully* before others do. 

I also don't want to add all shifts for the rest of the year, or forever, because people sign up for them way in advance and then make plans and have to unregister the week of, day before, etc. 

Being able to have shifts visible on the opportunity page but not *open* yet would make scheduling volunteers much more automated for me. This is a feature in Volgistics and while I love Galaxy Digital for all its innovation, this is one thing I will definitely miss when I fully switch over. 


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Heather Adler

Heather Adler posted 12 months ago Admin

Hi Emily, 

Thank you for writing in with your suggestion! I can see how this functionality would be very useful for a lot of clients' workflows. 

I'll write your feature request as follows: 

  • Add option to opportunities to display opportunity and shift information, but disallow signups, to be toggled on/off when the site manager determines. 
  • Similar to an "open for responses" or "reserve response" functionality

In the meantime, one option you could integrate into your site is taking those "regular" volunteers and putting them into a User Group. You could then publish the opportunity and shifts as private, and add the user group to it so those volunteers can choose to sign up based on their preferences. Once you're ready for other volunteers to respond as well, you can change the opportunity to public to allow anyone to sign up.

I've got your request logged for discussion at a future enhancements meeting! Have a great rest of your week.

Heather Adler
Data Specialist at Galaxy Digital
into a user groupinto a User Group

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