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Posted 12 months ago by Melissa Fitzgerald

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Melissa Fitzgerald

Hello - Can Galaxy explore condensing the clock in process to a quicker process? It currently takes 7 mouse clicks to sign in. It seems like there are a couple steps that could be condensed or removed. The clock out process is a bit easier but I can identify at least one step that could be removed. The previous process we used (prior to Galaxy) was extremely quick and easy. So some of our volunteers continue to struggle with this process.

Thank you!

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Abby Torrice

Abby Torrice posted 4 months ago Admin

Hi Sarah, 

Thank you for adding this here. You suggestion has been recorded. I know we discussed this in our ticket, but I would also like to mention it here for anyone else that comes to this forum post --  Although I can't give out specific information, I can share with you that our Development team has some exciting new updates coming out this year.

We appreciate your feedback! 


Abby Torrice 

Onboarding Specialist 

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Sarah Landis posted 5 months ago

Has there been any progress to updating this system? I am in agreement with Melissa that this is a very clunky way to check-in, and it is not easy or user-friendly at all for our older, retired volunteers.

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KJ Weaver posted 12 months ago Admin

Hi Melissa,

I appreciate you taking the time to share your suggestion. Thank you!

We understand how important a smooth process can be to everyone’s experience when clocking into volunteer opportunities. I’ll be sure to share this idea with our team to consider for implementation.

I will be happy to notify you here with any updates about this suggestion moving forward.

Thanks again and have a great weekend,


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