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Posted 11 months ago by Morgan Green-Griffin

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Morgan Green-Griffin

My organization is new to Galaxy Digital, and we are surprised by the limited options in the text creation fields (i.e., cannot easily adjust font size, unable to customize the style of the pre-loaded headers, only one available font).

I know additional modifications can be made through HTML code, but none of our volunteer managers are proficient in HTML.

Any idea on whether the text fields will be updated to not require HTML knowledge?  

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Heather Adler

Heather Adler posted 10 months ago Admin

Hi Morgan,

Thank you for writing in! I can definitely understand your view here. These WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) style text editors is something we did not design and is more of a plugin, so we cannot make direct changes or upgrades to the editor itself without finding a new one to replace it with. That being said, I understand the way it can be limiting to need HTML for additional features, as not everyone has HTML knowledge.

I will make a note in our feature requests that you have voiced your support in favor of a more robust text editor for customizing your information.


Heather Adler


Data Specialist at Galaxy Digital


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