"Open Spots" language on Opportunities

Posted 11 months ago by Blair Hodges

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Blair Hodges
Blair Hodges

Some of our opportunities only require a few volunteers, but we allow up to 10 people to sign up. We don't want them to get the impression that they have to have 10 people, so we would like the option to change the language here to say “Up to 10” instead of “10 of 10.”

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Brittany Crow posted 10 months ago Admin

Hello, Blair!

Thank you for sharing your product suggestion with us! I had a few ideas I wanted to run by you as some possible workarounds; however, I will share your suggestion with our enhancement team to discuss and consider for future software enhancements! 

1. You could leave the Capacity field blank when creating Opportunities. With this option, it won’t display the 10 of 10 spots. However, you may find that you have more responses than spots to fill, so it might not be the best fit, unless you want to close the Opportunities to new signups once your desired capacity is met. 

2. Another alternative that might be a better fit for your use case is to mention that it’s up to 10 spots in the Opportunity’s Description field, rather than a required 10 of 10.

3. You can also add this in the Attributes field when creating the Opportunity to make it stand out even more to your volunteers as those are displayed under the Additional Details area of the Opportunity’s page.

Thank you again for sharing your suggestions with us! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week. 



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