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Posted 10 months ago by Emily Sathis

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Emily Sathis

I've been emailing with support and was guided to posting my suggestions here. 

Daily Schedule

When clicking on a specific day in Scheduling, it gives you the option to Print a PDF or Export Responses. I am looking for a PDF that is customizable to be without phone numbers and emails. Staff print the day's volunteers in the morning before they arrive. Exporting is more steps than desired for our staff to delete columns and the PDF is not changeable. You can change the table you see with the filter but that does not translate to the PDF. We post the printout in a public room and would like to not broadcast phone numbers and emails to everyone. 

Emailing a Select Few

I have a better scenario than I explained in a support email. I'd like a way to select volunteers individually to email blast a small few at a time, who may not be in a user group or need a user group. For example, I have a user group for "Adoption Hosts" and in my volunteer demographic, we have people who leave for the summer. So I'd like to be able to individually select volunteers from that group that I know are here to send out a recruitment notice. I don't want to have to send unnecessary emails to people who I know are not in town but don't want to remove them from the group entirely to do that. 

Thank you. 

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Shonie K. posted 10 months ago Admin

Hi Emily,

We appreciate you adding these thoughts here for us to log and for other folks to see and comment on. I have logged these as needed on our side of things, to review with the team at a future meeting.

Thanks again,


CX Specialist


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