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Posted 9 months ago by Morgan Green-Griffin

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Morgan Green-Griffin

Please update account profiles to automatically display the user's age. If the date of birth is collected, the system can calculate the user's age. Additionally, some calculating is already occurring since the DOB is used to determine if the individual is 12 or younger, a 13+ minor, or adult. 

This was a built-in feature in our previous database and it just seems common sense. Here is now it displayed in our previous system: 


Note: Please do not reply with a suggestion to export birthdays into Excel and use a formula to generate age. This does not allow for ease of view a birthday. Additionally, we've also received the the Age Range registration question suggestion and it does not meet our needs. 

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Abby Torrice

Abby Torrice posted 5 months ago Admin

Hi Sarah, 

Thanks for adding your thoughts here!  I will be adding this to our list of client product suggestions to be discussed in an upcoming enhancement meeting. 

In the meantime, I’d like to offer a suggestion utilizing response questions. A response question could be added to your site that asks users if they have verified that the age in the opportunity description matches their age. The question could look something like this: I have read what age I need to be to participate in this opportunity and by responding I affirm I meet the age requirement of the opportunity. I understand this won’t completely resolve the challenge you’re facing here but I do think it might reduce the amount of volunteers signing up for things they shouldn't.

However, as I mentioned I have recorded your request for an upcoming enhancement meeting and appreciate your input!


Abby Torrice

Onboarding Specialist 

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Sarah Esala posted 6 months ago

I would like to second this suggestion. We have age requirements for opportunities that include 5-12 years, at least 14, at least 15, at least 16 and adult. Our youth volunteers sometimes sign up for opportunities they are not age-qualified for and we need to be able to quickly determine if there is an issue. 

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Ryan Rose posted 8 months ago Admin

Hello Morgan,

Thank you for sharing your idea with us and providing an example.

I will provide this information to our team in order to consider it for implementation.

It takes some time for our development team to process new adjustments, so, though it may take time, if selected, we will fulfill your request.

Thank you for taking the time to post this, and for your continued use of our site!

All the best,

Ryan R. | he/him

Freshdesk & Shift Administrator

Galaxy Digital

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Morgan Green-Griffin posted 8 months ago

What is the status of my suggestion? It was posted 29 days ago. 

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