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Posted 9 months ago by Joan Ambo

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Joan Ambo

We received a complaint from a volunteer about the email notifications for her qualification approval, it might be nice to have the qualification approval be sent to their inbox or even a pop-up when they log in.

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Jeff Rodell

Jeff Rodell posted 8 months ago Admin

Hi Joan,

Thanks so much for reaching out with your request! Before I pass this along to our development team, I would like to gather some additional information from you about your situation. The notifications that volunteers receive, including the "Notice of Qualified Status" notification that you mentioned, should be appearing in the volunteer's inbox. It's possible that the volunteer adjusted their communication preferences, but I will be happy to take a closer look and discuss this with you in a ticket first before moving forward. I'll be reaching out to you shortly!

Jeff Rodell (He/Him)
Client Onboarding Specialist

Galaxy Digital

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