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Posted 8 months ago by Christie Voss

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Christie Voss

Our organization has several different departments that use volunteer help. The leaders of those areas would like a custom automated email to be sent out the day after someone volunteers, that comes from them specifically with a thank you note from them and their name in the signature line, rather than the generic one that goes out from our organization, or in addition to that. They can send emails at the end of each day but we have a lot of volunteers that serve with us daily and our small staff does not have the time to do that everyday. An option to create custom automated emails would be very helpful to us, for even more than this instance.

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Hilary Temple posted 8 months ago Admin

Hi, Christie and Morgan, 

Thanks for reaching out with your suggestions! Christie, I can see how a personalized "Thank You" notification from the site would be nice for volunteers to receive! Morgan, I understand how customizing and being able to create custom templates (and save them!) would be very useful for Program Managers. 

I've recorded both of your suggestions, and I will keep you up to date if I hear any updates about these from the software. If you'd like to add more, please Reply Here! 

Have a wonderful weekend!


Hilary T. 

Customer Onboarding Specialist 

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Morgan Green-Griffin posted 8 months ago

It would also be nice if Program Managers could create email templates just for their program. Or for Site Managers to be able to create templates and have them accessible just to a certain Program. Right now Program Managers can't access any templates, which makes the Email Blast feature for PMs inefficient. 

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