Auto-Assign Team Members Added by Team Leaders to Default Track

Posted 8 months ago by Christopher Easley

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Christopher Easley

The way that Tracks currently work, many team members are telling us they don't know how to complete their registration and the safety waivers that we include with the registration process. This particularly seems true for team members added directly to the system by Team Leaders.

We've provided links to the registration process in two places:

  • In the Volunteer Team Created notification email that volunteers added by their Team Leader get, like this:
  • On our landing page, like this:

We think that the challenge is that the way the system currently works, a two-step process is required:

  • The volunteer has to set their own password and log in.
  • The volunteer has to then click a link to start the registration process (either in the email they got - the second link, or on the landing page).

If it was possible to auto-assign team members added to the system by team leaders to the default track, and send them to the registration page upon logging in, that would reduce the two steps to one:

  • Volunteer sets password and logs in, and is immediately / automatically taken into the registration process.

Here's a video that outlines how confusing it is for our team members currently:

Team Members Added by Team Leaders - Their View of Registration

(One tweak we've made since recording the video is adding a link to the landing page - as shown above, so that the scenario team members face at 1:44 is less confusing.)

Thank you for considering this change!

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KJ Weaver posted 8 months ago Admin

Hi Christopher,

Happy Tuesday!

I appreciate the time you’ve taken to convey your suggestion so clearly! The steps you’ve taken so far are great ways to make sure that volunteers added by team leaders get to the registration page – Nice job!

One thing I noticed while watching the video you made is that the join link doesn’t match the Track Join Link! Replacing that link with this URL may be helpful :

Other than that, you could navigate volunteers to their View Profile>Select a Track area to get them started!

I’ll be sure to pass along the idea to auto-assign team members added by team leaders to the registration page upon logging in!

Thank you again and I hope you're having an awesome day,


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