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Posted 7 months ago by Christopher Easley

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Christopher Easley

Hi all,

We have a use-case that we can't find an appropriate feature for. Sometimes a team that volunteers for multiple shifts has something special about them that our Program Managers or Site Managers need to remember for the future-- for example, they have team members who need to do seated work, or their team leader has a habit of over- or underscheduling volunteers vs. who really shows up. 

It would be great to have a Team notes or comments field, visible only to Program Managers and Site Managers.

Thank you!

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Abby Torrice

Abby Torrice posted 7 months ago Admin

Hi Christopher, 

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your suggestion! 

I can see how having notes directly for a team could be helpful in communication among site managers and program managers about the team. I will go ahead and record this request for our future enhancement meeting to be reviewed by our Customer Experience and Development teams! 

In the meantime, using private notes in a user's profile would be a great way to add these notes. You could add them to the team leader’s profile with the name of the team so your other site managers and/or other program managers know where to look.

Additionally, if a volunteer needs accommodations you can also use the private notes within their profile. 

Again, we appreciate your suggestion and thank you for taking time to share it with us!  


Abby T. (She/Her) 

Onboarding Specialist 

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