Pop up or ability for volunteers to complete Qualifications if added after they register

Posted 7 months ago by Kiersten Anderson

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Kiersten Anderson

Request for the system to automate communication to volunteers when new Qualifications are added to existing registered Volunteer Users. For instance, if you determine a Qualification (e.g., policy waiver) is needed for a Volunteer Opportunity and Volunteers have already registered for it before the Qualification was added - can they receive notice of "Item needing to be completed" upon logging in again via a pop up or email? There is no way to view this as a requirement for volunteers currently. Would provide better service and less work for Program and Site Managers.

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Shonie K. posted 7 months ago Admin

Hi Kiersten,

This request makes sense for those existing/standing volunteers with responses in. It will be interesting to talk to the team about this topic, since our qualifications feature currently is for preventing unqualified users from responding. 

I appreciate the time you took to add this here and will update this thread if any movement occurs with this request.




CX Specialist

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