E-mail provider spoofing and phishing counter-measures

Posted 6 months ago by Kevin Lipski

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Kevin Lipski

With the coming changes to consumer e-mail brands such as Google and Yahoo, will Amplify be implementing appropriate measures to ensure our volunteers continue to receive automated e-mail reminders?  If so, what measures will be taken, and when will these measures be implemented?  If not, when will Amplify make available automated texting so we can ensure our volunteers continue to receive automated reminders?

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Shonie K. posted 6 months ago Admin

Hi Kevin,

I've made your forum post into a new support ticket. Be on the lookout for more insights about emails soon via email.

We currently have a request for some of our automated reminder notifications to also send as texts to volunteers. I will add your thoughts to our current notes on that topic as well.



CX Specialist


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