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Posted 5 months ago by Sarah Landis

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Sarah Landis

The check-in kiosk really needs to be simplified, or at least be customizable so that organizations have the option to simplify it. I have been trying to encourage our regular volunteers to get the app, as it is MUCH easier for check-in and check-out. However, we have a fairly large group of older, retired volunteers who are not comfortable using the app and also struggle using the check-in kiosk on a computer. The kiosk is clunky and there are a lot of pages for them to click through - "I have an account", "name", "this is me", "check in", "check in now", "done". That's 6 pages for them to click through total!

We want our volunteer experience to be a positive one, and navigating computer frustrations at the start of each volunteer opportunity is difficult on both our volunteers and staff. Is there a way to adjust this process so check-in can be simpler? Or are there any plans in the future to adjust that process? Thank you!

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Ryan Rose posted 11 days ago Admin

Hello there,

Thank you for providing us with more ideas on how you could see us improving our site.

We are more than happy to mark this down to be considered for implementation.

We are continuing to improve and develop our kiosk, so here's to hoping that this is something that can be accomplished, or provided in a way that makes your life easier.

Nonetheless, we appreciate you taking the time to do this, and we are here to hear anything else that comes to mind!

Thanks again,

Ryan R. | he/him

Freshdesk Administrator & Data Specialist

Galaxy Digital

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Joan Ambo posted 26 days ago

Also, for ease of access, can CHECK IN KIOSK be an option that is added to this list? Some of our managers are infrequent users and this would simplify locating this option.

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Joan Ambo posted 26 days ago

Another suggestion for ease of access and usage for managers, some of our Program managers are infrequent users of our system, can CHECK IN KIOSK be an option that is added to this menu? That would save them time searching and remembering where to find the kiosk.

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Melissa Fitzgerald posted 26 days ago

It seems like many organizations have issues with the clock in/out process. I hope Galaxy is listening and prioritizing. The process can be simplified. I would be happy to make time for a virtual meeting where clients provide Galaxy with additional feedback/suggestions on how to streamline this process. Ultimately, I need to know that there is a solution in the near future. Thank you.

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Amanda Gunter posted 28 days ago

I desperately need the ability to 'force' individuals to check in and out at the specific time they are on the computer. We must keep track of court-ordered volunteers, and having options, such as "check-in/out at beginning/end of shift" creates confusion about the actual time worked. I now have misconduct I have to investigate. The point of a kiosk was to eliminate paper logs and signatures by staff. This is an issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. 

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Abby Torrice

Abby Torrice posted 2 months ago Admin

Hi Melissa, 

Thank you for adding your input here! I've gone ahead and recorded your post for our Enhancements meetings with Development. 

Again, thank you for providing your insight and have a great day! 

Abby Torrice

Onboarding Specialist 

Get Connected By Galaxy Digital 

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Melissa Fitzgerald posted 2 months ago

YES! Please simplify the check-in/out process. It is too many steps and confusing for less savvy computer users. 

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Abby Torrice

Abby Torrice posted 4 months ago Admin

Hi Sarah, 

Thank you for including this in the forum in an additional forum post. I've recorded this as an enhancement request. Additionally, I appreciate you letting us know how your volunteers interact with your site and thoughts on how to improve their experience with the software!

Marcie and Joan, I appreciate your additional input here! 

Although I can't give out specific information, I can share with you that our Development team has some exciting new updates coming out this year -- so keep your eyes peeled for those!  



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Joan Ambo posted 4 months ago

I agree, Marcie! When there is a blank field, my volunteers don't always understand what they are supposed to do.

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Marcie Keller posted 4 months ago

Piggybacking onto this - when volunteers check in at the kiosk, the system automatically populates the dropdown menu to "check in now". But when they clock out, that field is blank and the volunteers must select an option from the dropdown to proceed. It would decrease confusion and save time if the "check out now" option could be set as the default there as well. Thanks!

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