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Posted 5 months ago by Joan Ambo

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Joan Ambo

It would be great to have the ability to add a note to the shifts. This would allow us to add the position names within the shift, and clarify information about the shifts. For example, I have 3 different positions for this opportunity, but other than setting up 3 different opportunities volunteers are unable to choose their preferred position in advance and won't know at which spot they'll be stationed until they arrive.

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Hilary Temple posted 4 months ago Admin

Hey, Joan!

Thanks for sharing your request. I can see how it would be helpful to add information to the shifts! 

This would still involve setting up 3 separate opportunities, but I'd suggest considering Initiatives as well. It's a way to group opportunities for a bigger purpose, like events, special occasions, or holidays! 

I am going to add this to our enhancements suggestion list for review. If I receive any updates, I will reach back out here to let you know!

Have a great day!

Hilary T. 

Client Onboarding Specialist

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