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Posted 4 months ago by Joan Ambo

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Joan Ambo

We had this request from one of our program managers, who understands that this can be sorted but the request is that the default be sorted by shift date. Also, quite a few of the volunteers are confused by the sign up date –  it would be helpful if this be defaulted off since the main concern is their shift.


Subject: check in/check out screen

Here is a screenshot of my volunteer’s check in/check out screen. She was very confused trying to find the current date.

I know we can sort by shift start, but it’s an extra step. It would be much simpler for our older volunteers if it defaulted to ascending order for the shift start.

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Shonie K. posted 3 months ago Admin

Hi Joan,

Noted! I will record how being instantly given the option to check out is confusing for folks using the kiosk as well.

Thanks so much for your insights,



CX Specialist

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Joan Ambo posted 4 months ago

Thanks, also many of our volunteers seems to be confused when they check in, and see the check out button appear immediately. Consequently, a number of them check in and out repeatedly.

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Heather Adler

Heather Adler posted 4 months ago Admin

Hi Joan, 

Thank you for writing in--this definitely makes sense! I can see how volunteers would be confused at which shift to select when checking in. I will make a note for this feature request to discuss in a future enhancements meeting. 

Request: Volunteer check-in list sort by shift start date/time by default, rather than having to be manually sorted every time.

Have a lovely rest of your week!


Heather Adler
Data Specialist at Galaxy Digital

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