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Posted 4 months ago by Rachel Miskei

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Rachel Miskei

There are a number of enhancements related to background checks that we would love to see:

  1. The ability to integrate the background check into the Galaxy account set-up process, as opposed to it being prompted based on an opportunity.
  2. The ability for the system to automatically know that anyone, based on DOB, under 18 does NOT need a background check as opposed to having to use the “Sterlingnotrequired” tag.
  3. The ability to utilize a secondary tag (e.g., “backgroundexempt”) that functions similar to “Sterlingnotrequired” so users who are 18+  years of age and have already completed a valid background check outside of the system integration between Galaxy and Sterling (or Galaxy and first advantage) can be allowed to bypass that requirement. We already have to manually keep track of who is turning 18 and remove the “Sterlingnotrequired” tags. Having the under 18-year-old users and the 18+ year old users who have a valid background check from outside the comingled just makes managing things a nightmare.
  4. The ability for the system to automatically keep track of when a background check is about to expire and automatically prompt the user to renew it. I would think it would be as simple as setting up a rule to prompt the user X number of days (e.g. 730 days) from the date they are marked as “Eligible” in the system.

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Shonie K. posted 4 months ago Admin

Hi Rachel, 

Thanks for adding this to our forums! I have recorded this for the team to review together on our end, and appreciate you taking the time to touch on each of these here.

I can see you have a ticket going in regards to our alternative background check integration. With that one, you would be able to add it directly to registration, since it is tied with a qualification instead of a program. Additionally, there is a notification called "Notice of Expired Qualification" that goes out specifically for Qualifications when they expire, which might be helpful. This would not be tied directly to when their background check expires on the other site/database, it is linked back to the date when the user got approved for their background check qualification in Get Connected.

If you have more questions on this, please continue that conversation with Jeff in your respective email! Thanks again.


CX Specialist


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