Cause Connect - Lack of features & Technical Issues

Posted 4 months ago by Morgan Green-Griffin

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Morgan Green-Griffin

We're over 6 months into our transition from another software to Galaxy Digital, and we continue to receive negative feedback from volunteers about the Cause Connect app. Most recently, a volunteer emailed this feedback: "FYI - the cause connect app is pretty minimal, lacking in a lot if you don’t mind me saying. I still much prefer the previous my impactpage in general."

Here are my previous app suggestions: 

  • View hours logged by day - NOT just total for the month and lifetime
  • Update personal information 
  • Upload a photo
  • Ability to login with password even if SSO is turned on

Additionally, please change the menu options to have icons similar to web browser icons and the same menu flow. Right now, I have to send 2-3 sets of instructions when educating users on features - because it is so different between desktop, mobile browser and app. :( 

Lastly, we've had several technical issues with the app recently. Many of our volunteers want to use the app, but their usage makes staff jobs so much harder when the app doesn't have all needed features and has technical issues that severely impact volunteer experience. 

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Miranda Martin posted 3 months ago

Hi Heather, 

Thank you so much for adding that suggestion to the bullets. Morgan will have to clarify on the third bullet, as the rest were in their original post. I assume they mean as a profile photo, though.

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Heather Adler

Heather Adler posted 3 months ago Admin

Hi Miranda, 

Thank you for all this feedback! I definitely agree there should be some indication on the app as to why volunteers are blocked from certain opportunities due to qualifications--and your other functionality suggestions make sense too! I'll write down this request as follows: 

  • Display opportunities when a user has not met the qualifications, and state this is why they cannot respond to it on the app
  • On the impact page, allow option to view hours logged by day (in addition to month & lifetime) 
  • Allow users to update personal information via the app
  • Display menu icons in the same way as they appear on the desktop version
  • Ability to login with local password even if SSO is turned on

The only clarifying question I have is, your third bullet says "upload a photo"--can you explain where you are wanting users to upload photos to? Or, was this in reference to the menu icons?

Thank you! 

Heather Adler
Data Specialist at Galaxy Digital

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Miranda Martin posted 4 months ago

I don't even recommend the app anymore, which is too bad, because it could be really useful with a few changes. One of our biggest issues, and why I stopped recommending it, was that, when a user has an unmet qualification, the app simply just doesn't show any opportunities available. I really wish it would explain that they need to complete a qualification to sign up for shifts. 

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Miranda Martin posted 4 months ago

I don't even recommend the app anymore, which is a shame, because it has some good features, and I like its simplicity. One of the biggest issues we have with it, and why I stopped recommending it, was that when a user has an unmet qualification, the app gives no indication that this is the issue. It simply just doesn't show any shift options. I really wish it alerted volunteers as to why they are not seeing shifts. 

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