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Posted about 2 months ago by Collette Nakamyuka

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Collette Nakamyuka

When user inputs and saves filter on the mobile apps, can you retain the cache for a much longer time?


  1. Volunteer logs into the mobile app
  2. Click menu
  3. Select search
  4. Select Filters
  5. Select program
  6. Save Filters
  7. Do not log out
  8. Close window
  9. Return to step #4

Current behavior: Previously saved filter is not maintained. User has to perform a new search every time the window is closed or when they leave the app regardless of whether they are logged in or not.

 Desired behavior: When user inputs and saves filter on the mobile apps, can you retain the cache to sustain the filter for a much longer time (or until the user logs out)?

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Jeff Rodell

Jeff Rodell posted about 1 month ago Admin

Hi Miranda,

Thank you for sharing your support of this idea! I've added your thoughts to our existing notes of this suggestion, and we'll be happy to keep you updated with any additional information we receive about this idea moving forward.

Thank you and have a great day!

Jeff Rodell (He/Him)
Onboarding Specialist
Galaxy Digital

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Miranda Martin posted about 1 month ago


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Shonie K. posted about 2 months ago Admin

Hi Collette,

Happy Friday! Just to confirm, if a user goes to search and creates a filter in the mobile app the desired state would be that: if the user clicks into a separate area of the app and comes back to the search area, their previous search filter and results would appear. Let me know if I am following!



CX Specilaist


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