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Posted about 2 months ago by Tracy Shaw

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Tracy Shaw

It would be very helpful if the App was the mirror of the website in features.  For example:  If there is a qualification question attached to an opportuntiy they have to go to the webiste to answer the question -our demographics are aged 65 & up and it is extremely confusuing for them to have to go back and forth from the website to the app, etc.  

They should be able to do everything via the app, create an account, sign a waiver, answer qualification questions, log hours, choose opportunites. 

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Ryan Rose posted about 1 month ago Admin

Hello, and thank you for posting,

I can understand how having all the same features across both platforms would be more efficient.

We will take these suggestions and consider them for implementation.

We hope to provide a better experience in the future, and thank you for taking the time to share.

All the best,

Ryan R. | he/him

Freshdesk Administrator & Data Specialist

Galaxy Digital

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Bri Johnson posted about 1 month ago

Agreed! We don't promote the app for this reason - when we did we got so many questions about why they saw certain opportunites on the website but not the app. 

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Miranda Martin posted about 1 month ago


At the very least, if the app could at least explain to someone that they have a qualification which needs to be updated, prompting them to log in through their browser or to reach out to the volunteer coordinator, that would be incredibly helpful. Currently it gives no indication of these issues, so instead people only see blank pages where all of the opportunities have disappeared with no explanation. 

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