Efficient Review/Approval of Volunteer Hours

Posted about 1 month ago by Gavin Comstock

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Gavin Comstock

I would like to suggest how great it would be to be able to review hours reports from vols in sequence. At this time, I navigate to the hours approval page after a weekend and have anywhere from 20 or mores hours reports to approve. I have to open one form, review the comments and various fields, edit/submit the form, then have the page reset to the top, then I have to scroll back down to my place in the hours page, open another hours report, review.....

The idea is that making this page more friendly for when site administrators and program managers who use this feature at scale.. The ability to review hours reports is essential to the value of your product to me as a client. I love it. I can stay informed on what is going on in the field, review volunteer input and feedback directly, and better support my staff without having to go to them for information all the time. But right now, reviewing hours eats up A LOT of time. Improving this functionality is a great way to ensure product viability and adoption of use.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day, Gavin

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Katherine Stang posted 17 days ago Admin

Hi Gavin and Joan, 

Thank you both so much for taking the time to post about this suggestion and to review and upvote it! This is an excellent suggestion, and I've logged it for review by our development team with the suggestions from both of you. I'll be sure to update you both here if there are any changes related to this! 

All the best,

Katie S. | she/her

Customer Experience Data Specialist
Galaxy Digital

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Joan Ambo posted about 1 month ago

I agree, it would be a real time saver to have the ability to approve hours in the review page at the least, and any place time entry information appears the ability to approve time would be an enormous benefit!

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