Store Extra Info With Files

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You can store important documents on your site to share with volunteers as needed. This feature is great for storing important training materials or other documents and resources. In this article we cover: 

 So you know: The Files area of your site is not the same as User Files. Files are site-wide. User Files are user-specific. Click here to learn more about uploading files to a user's profile. 

Where can I store important files? 

From your site manager panel, go to Content > Files

  • From here, you can:
    • Create folders to keep your files organized
    • Upload and manage those files

How to create a folder

To create a folder: 

1. Type the title of the folder in the field beside Add Folder

2. Click Add

3. Click on the folder's title to start adding files! 

How to add files

How to add files to a folder

1. Click the title of the folder you wish to add files to. 

2. Click Add File and then upload the file you wish to add to that folder. 

How to add files directly—not in a folder 

1. Click Add File

2. Select the file you wish to upload!

Why would I store extra info with files? 

Your site offers several avenues for you to share important content with your community! You can share through: 

So, why use files? 

Examples of when to use files
You have training materials that each volunteer must complete before volunteering for an opportunity on your site and want to share the training documentation with a qualification. 
Your organization has a lengthy Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy for volunteers to review. 
You want to store important documents, worksheets, or resources, that others on your site might need quick access to. 
You created the coolest flyers and need to store them in one shared location. 

 So you know: These are just a few examples of why you might want to store extra content with files! Feel free to take advantage of this feature however best suits your needs! 

How can I share my files? 

To share your files: 

1. Go to Content > Files

2. If you've created folders, click the title of the folder. If you didn't create folders, move on to the next step. 

3. In the table, click the Chain Link icon under Options for the file you want to share. 

4. Copy the link and share it!

  • For example, you could share it: 
    • In a qualification content link
    • In a spotlight
    • On a custom page