Uploading Files to Your Volunteer Profile

Created by Brittany Crow, Modified on Wed, 26 Jul 2023 at 10:41 AM by Autum Brown

Heads up! This article is intended for volunteers. If you're a site manager, click here. If you're an advanced program manager, click here. 

Were you asked to provide supporting documents—e.g., copy of your drivers license or other license or certification—to be kept on your volunteer profile? Maybe you were asked to complete a form and upload it once you're done. Whatever the case may be, you can add files to your profile anytime. Here we cover: 

A bit about files

Files are a great way for you to share important documentation with managers who have access to your profile. Files let you keep track of important documents and records that you may need to revisit when volunteering with an organization. Once you upload a file to your profile, any manager with access to your profile can view it. Site managers and managers with access to your profile can also upload files to your profile. 

  • You can check the Source column to determine who uploaded a file to your profile. 

Admin UploadedA site manager uploaded the file to your profile.
Program Manager UploadedAn advanced program manager uploaded the file to your profile. 
User Uploaded
You uploaded the file. 

How to access My Files

You can access the My Files area of your profile at anytime. 

1. Click your initials or profile image from the top menu bar. 

2. Select My Files

  • Here you can add files or download, review, and share the files already uploaded to your profile. 

How to add a file 

To add a file to your profile: 
1. Click +Add File

2. Either click Upload and find the file you want to upload or you can drag a file into the Drag & Drop field. 

  • You can upload more than one file at a time, if needed. 

How to download files

Want to download a file? Just click it's title! 

How to share files

You can also share files. Click the chain link icon under the Options column to get the shareable file link.