Edit a User's Profile as a Site Manager

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 Heads up! This article is intended for site managers. If you're an advanced program managerclick here. If you're a program facilitator looking for information about reviewing users in your Program, click here

Volunteers can, and are encouraged to, update and manage their own accounts on your site. But sometimes you might be asked to help them with their accounts. You can always access a volunteer's profile from the Users area of your dashboard. Here you can: 

  • Update their basic information, like status, name, or user role type. 
  • Review registration question responses or private comments from you or another site manager
  • Update a lost or forgotten password 
    • Just remember, volunteers can also request a password reset from the login screen at anytime! 
  • Update communication preferences, availability, etc. 
  • Deactivate and anonymize volunteer's account and more! 

Here we cover: 

How to edit a user's profile 

To get started: 

1. Go to Volunteerism > Users from your dashboard. 

2. Select the volunteer you want to edit. 

3. When you're finished editing the profile, be sure to click an Update button to save those changes! 

How to view registration question responses

You can review how volunteers respond to registration questions from the Edit User page. Answers to standard and custom registration questions are located under Basic Information. Which registration questions and responses appear depend on which Registration Track the volunteer is on or has completed. 

How to update a volunteer's password

Volunteers can request a password reset from the login screen; however, you can also update their password when applicable! 

1. Go to Volunteerism > Users

2. Select the User. 

3. Under Basic Info, you'll see Change Password

  • Hover over the question mark to see password requirements. 

4. Click Update Password when you're done.  

 ✏️ Quick tips:

  • If you do update a password for a volunteer, be sure to write it down and share it with the volunteer. We also recommend encouraging them to change their password once they're able to log back in themselves. 
  • Need to reset passwords for multiple users? You can also do a bulk reset for passwords with the User Filter! Click here for more information. 
  • Did a volunteer forget their password but want to request a reset themselves? No problem! You can share this resource with them to help them get started! 
  • You can also share this one with them so they know how to update their password anytime once they're logged back into their account! 

What else can I do in the Users area

From the Users area of your dashboard, you can also: 

  • Export User information to a CSV. 

  • Assume a volunteer's identity as necessary. 
    • There are two ways to assume a volunteer's identity: 
      • You can click the icon under Options in the table from the Manage Users page or click the Assume User button from the Edit User page: 

✏️ Quick tip: This feature is great if you want to submit hours on behalf of a volunteer or to help update information on their profile. 

What can I do from the Edit User's area? 

Once you click on a volunteer from the Manage Users page, it opens the Edit User page where you can review or update the volunteers: 

  • Basic Information: Here, you can update their profile information, reset their password, or review their answers to registration questions, etc. 
  • Qualifications: This displays their qualification statuses, including any waivers they signed. 
  • Benchmarks: This shows any benchmarks they've received. 
  • Tracks: See what Tracks they're assigned to and their progress. 
  • Programs: See what Programs they're assigned to, what Programs they manage, and which Programs they're a program facilitator for
  • Teams: You can see if the volunteer is part of a team and what program and opportunity the team participated in. 
  • User Groups: This shows if they're a member of a User Group on your site. 
    • You can also add them to a User Group from here. 
  • Opportunities: This displays what opportunities they've responded to—including shift information and status, etc. 
  • Schedule: This shows you a calendar view of any shifts or opportunities the volunteer is scheduled for. 
    • You can also schedule them for an opportunity by clicking the blue Schedule button above the calendar. 
  • Hours: This is where you can review or add volunteer hours for them. 
  • Emails: Did a volunteer mention they aren't receiving emails from the site? You can check their email statuses here!  
  • Files: Want to upload important documents to a user's profile? Maybe you want to keep a record of their onboarding documentation, keep volunteer performance reviews, or share personalized training. Whatever the case may be, you can do it with files! 
    • Files can be set to private. When a file is marked as private, the volunteer won't see it on their profile and it must be shared via a shareable link. 
    • Public files can be viewed by anyone with access to the user's profile, including the user. 
  • Notes: Want to add notes to a user's profile that only you, other site managers, and advanced program managers can see? Use this tab to store those notes for quick access. 
    • You can also edit or delete those notes here. 

How do I deactivate a volunteer's account? 

To deactivate a volunteer's account, scroll to the bottom of Edit User > Basic Info until you see Deactivate User and click the red Deactivate User button. 

  • When you click it, a warning pops up to confirm that you want to deactivate the user's account. 
    • Click Yes to continue or No to cancel. 

 ⓘ So you know: Volunteers have the option to anonymize their account when they opt to deactivate themselves. If you need to deactivate and anonymize an account, you must first assume that user's identity before you deactivate them.