How Do I Review My Hours?

Created by Brittany Crow, Modified on Tue, 28 Feb 2023 at 01:45 PM by Autum Brown

Do you want to see how many hours you've submitted? Are you wanting to showcase the wonderful contributions you've made through volunteerism? The hours that you submit for opportunities you've volunteered for are stored and accessible through your profile. You can even download your volunteer resume as a .pdf to use as you like! Here we cover: 

✏️ Quick tip: Your volunteer resume highlights all the great things you do for your community—so now, make that volunteer resume work for you! For example: 

  • Use it to set your college or employment application apart from the rest! 
  • Share it with your supervision to satisfy corporate volunteer requirements!
  • Show off your hard work with your fraternity or sorority!

How to view volunteer hours 

When you log into your site, you can see a snapshot of all the great work you've done with an organization from your dashboard. From there, you can see: 

  • How many hours you've submitted
  • How many opportunity responses you've submitted
  • The impact value of your awesome work 
  • Which skills the hours have been attributed to

However, if you want to see a more detailed view, you can download or review your volunteer resume! 

How to view a volunteer resume

1. Either click Volunteer Resume from the dashboard or click on your profile picture or initials and select View Profile2. From here, you can see another snapshot of your hours. Enter the dates you want to view for more details and click Go3. This opens up your volunteer resume as a downloadable or printable .pdf for you to use as you'd like! It includes:

  • A snapshot of your hours, responses, and impact
  • A view of which months you submitted the most hours for
  • Volunteer hours and opportunity responses by attributed skill
  • A detailed view of your volunteer hours, including: 
    • Dates
    • Opportunity titles
    • User Groups—if associated
    • Number of hours submitted 
    • Miles traveled
    • Status
    • Any benchmarks achieved—if the organization uses them

So you know: You can also view hours from the Track Hours area of your site.