Communication Preferences—A Guide For Site Managers

Created by Brittany Crow, Modified on Mon, 10 Jul 2023 at 09:59 AM by Brittany Crow

Heads up! This article is intended for site managers. If you're a volunteer looking for information about managing your communication preferences, click here

Your volunteers can update their communication preferences at anytime by visiting the Edit Profile area of the site. You can also update your communication preferences here! Here, we cover: 

So you know: Some sites use language overrides. This means you might see Need in place of Opportunity, or Program in place of Agency. To learn more about language overrides, click here 

Where are these preferences managed?  

Volunteers can update communication preferences anytime, right from their profile! You can also update your communication preferences from your profile! 

1. Click View Site from the top menu bar. 

  • Be sure to click View Site first before navigating to your Edit Profile area. You won't see the Manage My Preferences button if you're in the site manager view. 

2. Click on you profile image or initials from the top menu bar. 

3. Select Edit Profile

4. Scroll to the Data and Communication Settings section and click Manage My Preferences

5. Enable or disable the communications you want to receive. 

6. Click Save My Preferences when you're done! 

✏️ Quick tip: Want to stop receiving all communications and notifications? Click Unsubscribe From All Emails and Notifications

What do these preferences mean? 

Account ManagementThese are important notifications about your volunteer account and activity.
Confirmations and RemindersThese are reminders and confirmations about volunteer opportunities you've signed up for.
Email BlastsEmail Blasts are the customized emails that you or other site managers have sent out.
NOTE: These are not site-generated, automated notifications.  
News and RecommendationsThese are recommendations for volunteer opportunities based on your personal preferences. 
Schedule UpdatesThese are important updates about changes to your schedule, updates about your spot on a waitlist, or important information about your teams. 
Site Manager - ActivityThis includes: 
  • AEM: Agency Application Submitted
    • This notification is sent when an agency manager submits an application to participate in an advanced event.  
  • AEM: New Need Submitted
    • This notification is sent when an agency manager adds a new need to an advanced event. 

NOTE: Not all sites have the Advanced Events Module (AEM), so this may not be an option under your communication preferences. 

Site Manager - TasksThis includes: 
  • Notice of Pending Items
    • This notification is sent when you have new programs, opportunities, events, program updates, or qualifications pending approval. 
  • Pending Hours Notification
    • This notification is sent when you have volunteer hours waiting for review. 
Site Manager - UpdatesThis includes: 
  • Need Happens On Notification
    • This notification is sent out seven days before and one day before a scheduled need occurs. 
  • Need Expiration Notification
    • This notification is sent out seven days before and one day before a need expires. 
  • Agency Manager Removed
    • This notification is sent to the primary site manager when an agency manager is removed from an agency. 

How can I review a volunteer's preferences?

You can use the User Filter to see what communication preferences a volunteer has opted out of! 
1. Go to Volunteerism > Users

2. Click User Filter

3. Select User Data > User Email Preferences

4. From here, you can select Has opted out of, and then select the notification preference—for example, All Notifications, Account Management, Email Blasts, etc. 

5. Click Submit when you're ready to see your filtered user list. 

✏️ Quick tip: You can add more filters to see which volunteers have opted out of more than one notification preference! For more information about using the User Filter, click here