How Do I Edit My Profile?

Created by Brittany Crow, Modified on Mon, 10 Jul 2023 at 10:05 AM by Brittany Crow

Do you need to update your contact information or availability? Want to opt-out of notifications? You can update your profile and notification settings at any time! Here we cover: 

How do I edit my profile? 

To view or make changes to your profile: 

1. Click on your profile picture or initials in the top right-hand menu. 

2. Select Edit Profile

  • To view your profile, make changes to your selected skills and causes, or download your volunteer resume—click View Profile

3. From here you can:  

Upload or update a profile picture

Here, you can upload or update your profile picture. This appears in the top menu bar when you're logged into the site. 

  • We recommend images that are 540px by 540px.

Change your password

It's a good idea to change your password periodically on any site that you're registered on. We do our best to always protect your personal information and data—and a strong password is one way to manage that! 

  • Here, you're asked for your current password, then to enter your new password twice before selecting Update Password to save your changes. 

Resetting a password

Did you forget your password or get locked out of your account? No worries! You can always request a reset from the login screen! Click here for more information. 

Update your information

From here, you can update your basic information—e.g., name, contact information, address, birthday, age range, favorite program, etc. This is the information you provided when you first joined the site! 

  • Remember to click Update Basic Information to save your changes. 

Update your availability 

Has your schedule changed since you joined an organization's site? Do you want to only receive shift invites for the days and times that you're available? You can always update your availability when needed! Just check the days and times that you're available for volunteering or select Don't schedule me when there's a conflict with your schedule. 

  • Remember to click Update Settings to save your changes.

Update your data and communication settings

You can update your preferences anytime, right from your profile! To get started: 

1. Click your profile image or initials from the top menu bar. 

2. Select Edit Profile

3. Scroll to the Data and Communication Settings section and click Manage My Preferences

4. Enable or disable the communications you want to receive. 

  • Want to turn off Volunteer Notifications? Toggle the button beside it to Off
  • Want to select which Volunteer Notifications you receive? Check or uncheck your preferences! 

5. Click Save My Preferences when you're done! 

✏️ Quick tip: Want to stop receiving all communications and notifications? Click Unsubscribe From All Emails and Notifications

  • Just note that clicking this means you want receive important notification reminders about volunteer opportunities you've signed up for.  

What do these preferences mean? 

Account ManagementThese are important notifications about your volunteer account and activity.
  • Enable this to keep track of your contributions to the organization you're volunteering with.  
Confirmations and RemindersThese are reminders and confirmations about volunteer opportunities you've signed up for!
  • Enable this to keep track of your schedule and to get reminders about upcoming opportunities you're signed up for! 
Email BlastsEmail Blasts are customized emails sent by volunteer leaders from the organization you have registered with. These are not automated notifications that are system-generated. 
  • Volunteer leaders may want to send out a custom email thanking you for your hard work, updates to site requirements or policies, or to share important news about exciting new opportunities! 
News and RecommendationsThese are recommendations for volunteer opportunities based on your personal preferences. 
  • Enable this to get recommendations to volunteer opportunities that align with your schedule or special skills!
Schedule UpdatesThese are important updates about changes to your schedule, updates about your spot on a waitlist, or important information about your teams! 
  • Want to know when you've been removed from a waitlist? Are you a member of a team? Enable these updates to receive important updates that matter to you! 

So you know: 

  • You can also turn off notifications from your email. When you receive an automated notification, the email will include a link to unsubscribe.

  • Opting out of notifications doesn’t prevent you from receiving the password reset email, should you need to reset your password.

  • When you register for a site, you’ll be required to affirmatively accept Galaxy Digital’s privacy policy and will also be asked to opt-in or out of email notifications there. 


  • If you want to allow managers to schedule you for opportunities based on your availability, then toggle the button beside Allow Scheduling to On
  • If you don't want to allow managers to schedule you for opportunities, toggle it Off

✏️ Quick tip: Remember to click Update Settings after any changes you make to save them! 

Deactivate your account 

We hope you're enjoying your volunteer journey! However, if you need to cancel your account with an organization at any time, you can always deactivate it. 

  • When you deactivate your account, you're asked if you want to also anonymize your account information.
    • This means that your personally identifiable information is completely removed from the site and from our servers. 
  • Check the box under No, if you want to remove all of your personally identifiable information from the site.