Allow Site Managers to Check in Volunteers like Program Managers

Posted 6 months ago by Brandon Jerome

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Brandon Jerome


There are some situations when I have to be on site to help with volunteers. Part of that is checking them in. When I was using Community Connect, I think that is what is was called, I was able to add myself as a program manager and see the program manager screen. With that, I was able to check people in. This was a major help. With switching to Amplify, I do not have the same permissions. As a work around, I have to assume the profile of one of the Program Managers in order to check people in. This is time consuming and annoying. 

My suggestion would be to make the "hours" tab in the Site Manager permissions the same as the Program Managers. You will see three tabs; "Opportunity Hours," "Check In," and " Checked in now." I would go so far as to be able to filter by program in both the "check in" and :Checked in now" tab, like you can do in the scheduling tab. 

It just makes sense that anything the Program Managers can do, the Site Manager can do.

Thank you!

-Brandon Jerome

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Shonie K. posted 6 months ago Admin

Hi Brandon,

Thanks for adding your thoughts here! Currently, Site Managers only have access to the Checked In Now tab in Volunteerism > Hours > Checked In Now. However, I do see the benefit for the Site Manager to also have a tab for Check In to help with that aspect. I will add your request for Site Managers to have that feature, as well as additional filters in each tab to be able to filter by Program.

Let me know if I missed anything, thanks,


CX Specialist


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