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Posted about 1 month ago by Mackey, Madalyn F

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Mackey, Madalyn F

My program managers have been running into difficulties with the limited features available for email blasts.  There are a few suggestions I've received several times over from my managers that I'd like to put forward for consideration:

  1. Ability to attach documents to email blasts.
    • Our program managers use email blasts as their primary means of communication with volunteers, and this often includes the need to provide them with documents and resources that need to be sent as attachments.
  2. Ability to save email blast templates
    • We've been using the workaround of saving templates as Word documents, but this is just one more step to keep track of.  The ability to save email blast templates would be a huge time saver.
  3. The ability to choose a "from" address when email an individual
    • We are a very large organization, and there is often the need to email individual volunteers directly.  The emails that are sent this way usually require a reply with the volunteer, which ends up coming to the default email account for the organization.  This results in a lot of forwarding of messages, which is really inefficient.  The ability to select a "from" address, just like we do for email blasts, would be extremely helpful.

Thanks for your consideration!


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Miranda Martin posted 18 days ago

Thank you for posting this! I had actually come to this forum to ask for the ability to add attachments to email blasts. 

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Katherine Stang posted 20 days ago Admin

Hi Madalyn and Tracy, 

Thank you so much for writing in with your suggestions! For your first two suggestions, I have some recommendations! 

1. While you can't attach a file, you can upload a file to your site and then link to it in an email blast. When a volunteer clicks the link, they'll immediately download the file. Here is a link to an article that goes into detail about this!

2. Email blasts can be saved on your site! Instead of clicking Send Email Blast, click Save Email (highlighted by the red arrow in the screenshot below).

3. Thank you for the suggestion here! I've added that to our list of enhancement requests for review by our development team. If you have any additional comments or updates based on my above recommendations, please let me know and I'll be happy to add to the enhancement request! 

I've also added your suggestion, Tracy, to the enhancement request. If there's any movement on your requests, I'll be sure to update you both here. Thank you both again! 

All the best,

Katie S. | she/her

Customer Experience Data Specialist
Galaxy Digital

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Tracy Shaw posted about 1 month ago

It would also be helpful if you could "schedule" the email blasts, so they send out at a specific time of your choosing. 

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