Managing the Check-In Kiosk as a Site Manager

Created by Brittany Crow, Modified on Wed, 02 Aug 2023 at 03:03 PM by Brittany Crow

 Heads up! This article is intended for site managers. Click here if you're an advanced program manager. If you're a program facilitator, click here. 

Your site offers several great ways to manage your volunteers and their hours. With the Check-In Kiosk, your volunteers can check in and out for shifts and Opportunities. The kiosk automatically calculates and submits the volunteers' hours based on their check-in and out times. This tool makes it easier to track your volunteers and saves them from having to log back into your site at a later time to log those hours! In this article, we cover:

How to set up your Check-In Kiosk

You may have already established your time zone settings as you were setting up your site. This is important since your time zone settings display on the page when you or a user launches the kiosk:

To get started:  

1. Navigate to Settings > Main Settings.  

2. Scroll until you see Check-In Kiosk

3. Select the settings you want applied to your Check-In Kiosk and personalize the front page message volunteers see when they log into the kiosk. 

  • Show opportunities from all programs: By default, volunteers can only see the opportunities assigned to the program that the kiosk was launched from. You can choose to have all opportunities displayed when a user launches the kiosk regardless of what program it was launched from. This lets them check in and view those opportunities. 
    • To have all opportunities displayed, select Yes from the dropdown menu. 
  • Kiosk front page message: This is the message that volunteers see when they launch the kiosk. We recommend changing the wording to better reflect your organization.
    • For example, if your organization's name is Volunteer Space, then we recommend changing it to: You'll need a Volunteer Space account... 
    • You can also personalize this with a welcome message or anything you'd like as the front page message for your volunteers. 

4. Be sure to click Update Settings to save your changes!

How to set up your time zone settings

To get started: 

1. Go to Settings > Main Settings

2. Scroll until you see Time Zone Settings

  • Here, you can set up your default and display time zone settings. 

3. Don't forget to click Update Settings to save your changes!

  • Default time zone: Select your organization's time zone for it to appear in the kiosk.

Default track for kiosk settings

You can choose which Registration Track you want as your default for the kiosk. 

  • This is the Track volunteers interact with when checking in through the Check-in Kiosk.
  • If new users register an account through the kiosk, they're added to this default Track. 

To update your default Track for the kiosk: 

1. Go to Settings > User Registration

2. Select the Track with the dropdown beside Default track for Kiosk and Mobile App

3. Click Save Options to finish. 

How to launch your Check-In Kiosk

You can access the Check-in Kiosk from the Programs area of your site. To access this area: 

1. Go to Volunteerism > Programs from your dashboard.  

2. Click Programs.

3. Select the Program you want to launch the Check-In Kiosk for.  4. Click the Check-in Kiosk button beside your program's title on the Edit Program page. 

5. Click Continue when the popup appears. 

 So you know: When you launch the Check-In Kiosk, you're logged out of your site. 

The volunteer perspective

After you launch the check-in kiosk, volunteers are prompted to select either I Have An Account or Create An Account to sign in. 

Existing volunteers checking in at the kiosk

1. Click I Have An Account

2. Select a method to verify account info and click Submit—e.g., mobile number, email address, or name. 

3. Verify that the information is correct and click This Is Me! 

4. A list of Opportunities that the volunteer responded to appear—click Check In for the Opportunity. 

  • These are Opportunities with scheduled shifts. 
  • The list displays Opportunities with shifts that the volunteer already responded to. 

5. Verify the Opportunity information and select a Check-In Time

6. Complete the Miles Traveled and User Groups fields, as applicable.

7. If the volunteer brought a friend that doesn't already have an account, they can add them by selecting Yes under Plus-one Hours.  

  • Enter the number of additional volunteers and who they are—e.g., 3, co-workers. 
  • If they didn't bring a friend or don't need to add Plus-one Hours, then leave it as No under Plus-one Hours

8. When ready, click Check In

  • A screen appears with the check in information—click Done to return to the start for the next volunteer. 

New volunteers checking in at the kiosk

Volunteers that don't already have an account can check in for Opportunities through the Check-In Kiosk by clicking Create An Account

  • Please note that if you have required qualifications set up on your site for your Opportunities, then: 
    • The volunteer won't be able to check in for the Opportunity until they submit a response to the qualification and it is approved. 
    • This must be accomplished outside of the check-in kiosk. 
    • If you have a clickwrap waiver attached to the Opportunity or a waiver qualification, they can sign them through the kiosk—but they can't submit a response to a qualification through the kiosk. 
  • The volunteer must complete their profile outside of the kiosk. 
    • They can update their account information anytime by logging into your site with the email they signed up with on the kiosk. 

No required qualifications

If there aren't any required qualifications attached to your Opportunities, then: 

1. Click View Details for the Opportunity they want to check in for. 

2. Click Check In

3. Answer any required Response Questions, as applicable. 

  • Response Questions are only present if you've added custom ones for volunteers to answer when responding to your Opportunities. 
    • Click here for more information about creating custom Response Questions. 

4. Select a Check-In Time

5. Complete the Miles Traveled and User Groups fields, as applicable. 

6. If they brought a friend that doesn't have an account, they can add them as a plus-one by click Yes under Plus-one Hours

  • Enter the number of additional volunteers and who volunteered with them—e.g., 2, coworkers.

7. When ready, click Check In

  • A screen appears with the check in details—click Done to return to the start for the next volunteer to check in. 

Required qualifications

If there are required qualifications—that aren't waiver qualifications—attached to your Opportunities, then: 

  • Instruct the volunteer to log into the site on another device to complete the qualification(s). 
  • Review and approve the qualification(s), as applicable. 
  • Advise them to return to the kiosk once the qualification submission is approved and follow the steps for existing volunteers. 

Waiver signing at the kiosk

Volunteers can sign clickwrap waivers and waiver qualifications at the kiosk if necessary. 

Clickwrap waiver signing

1. Click the link beside the Check In button that says I have read and agree to the volunteer waiver

2. Check the box beside the link after reading the waiver. 

3. Finish filling out the Check In form as applicable. 

Waiver qualification signing

1. Click Sign Waiver for the Opportunity they're checking in for. 

2. If the volunteer hasn't added their date of birth to their profile, the When's your date of birth?  screen appears. 

3. Enter the Date of Birth and click Submit Date of Birth

4. Click Continue on the eSign Confirmation window. 

5. Sign, initial, and date the required fields, as applicable and click Complete Signing

6. Click Yes to confirm your signature or No to cancel. 

7. Once the waiver has been signed and approved, the volunteer can go ahead and follow the steps for checking in as an existing volunteer. 

  • If the waiver qualification is set to Auto Approve, then the volunteer can go ahead and start responding and checking in for Opportunities right away.
  • If the waiver qualification isn't set to Auto Approve, then you must first review and approve it before they can respond and check in. 

Checking out of the kiosk

To check out of the kiosk: 

1. Click I Have An Account

2. Select a method to verify account info and click Submit—e.g., mobile number, email address, or name. 

3. Verify that the information is correct and click This Is Me! 

4. Review the displayed information for check in and out times and click Check Out when ready. 

5. Be sure to answer any required Hours Questions on the Self Check-Out screen, as applicable. 

  • If a question requires a file upload, the volunteer must log into the site from another device to edit and submit their answer to that question. 

6. Select a Check-Out Time

7. Click Check Out

8. Review the information displayed—i.e., volunteer name, Opportunity details, dates and times—and click Done to return to the start for the next volunteer.