Launching the Check-In Kiosk as a Program Facilitator

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 Heads up! This article is intended for program facilitators. If you're a site manager, click hereIf you're an advanced program manager, click here.

You can launch the Check-In Kiosk for any active program you're assigned as a program facilitator. Once you launch the Check-in Kiosk, volunteers can then sign into it or create a new account! 

✏️ Quick tip: You'll want to ensure that you launch the kiosk from a device that is easily visible and accessible to all volunteers checking in or out of it. 

How to launch the Check-In Kiosk 

To launch the kiosk: 

1. Go to Volunteerism > Hours2. Beside Hours, click Check-In Kiosk

  • A warning popup appears to let you know you'll be signed out of the site before accessing the kiosk. 
  • Click Continue to be taken to the kiosk. 

3. From there, you'll see the welcome screen of the kiosk. 

  • Remember to set up the device with the kiosk launched where volunteers can easily access it. 
  • You may need to walk volunteers through the process of checking in and out.

✏️Quick tip: To learn more about checking in or out volunteers, click here. For information about who's volunteering today, click here

Check-In Kiosk FAQ

Q. Why is my volunteer opportunity not listed in the kiosk?

Your volunteer opportunities might not appear in the kiosk for a few reasons: 

  • The opportunity has expired. 
    • If the opportunity's expiration date or shift date has passed it won't appear in the kiosk. 
    • Volunteers can still log hours on their profiles. 
  • The opportunity is scheduled for next week.
    • An opportunity or shift must be scheduled for within the next seven days to appear in the kiosk. 
  • The opportunity doesn't have hours associated with it. 
    • When creating an opportunity, the Hours field is required. However, if '0' is entered in that field then the opportunity won't appear in the kiosk. 
  • The opportunity is full. 
    • When an opportunity has met its capacity, it won't appear in the kiosk. 
    • Volunteers who signed up for the opportunity can still check in to it. 
  • The opportunity is set to private. 
    • A private opportunity won't appear in the kiosk unless it's assigned to a user group. 
    • User Group members can sign up for the private opportunity in the kiosk.
  • The volunteer didn't respond to the opportunity.
    • If the volunteer hasn't already responded to the opportunity before logging into the Check-In Kiosk, then it won't appear on the main page. 
    • They can click View Other Opportunities to see those opportunities and respond to them. 


 So you know: Some opportunities do not have shifts. 

  • These include opportunities with duration types of Flexible, Happens On, or Multi-date
    • These opportunities have unlimited capacity and volunteer spots available. 

Q. Why can't I see opportunities from other programs?

There's a setting in the Main Settings area that a site manager can enable so that all opportunities from all of the site's programs appear in the Check-In Kiosk. 

  • If they haven't checked Yes to this setting, then the only opportunities that appear in the Check-In Kiosk are the ones assigned to the program the kiosk is launched from.  
    • This setting is only accessible to site managers. Please check with your site manager to change this setting. 

Q. Why is my phone number not pulling up my account?

First, check that the volunteer's email, name, or number are entered correctly when signing into the kiosk. If they've entered them correctly and the kiosk still doesn't pull up their account, double-check that their profile is complete and that the information they entered matches. 

  So you know: Their mobile number is the phone number the kiosk recognizes. 

Q. A volunteer didn't respond to the opportunity—now what?

A volunteer can respond to an opportunity—and check in or out for one—through the Check-In Kiosk. 

  • Have them click View Other Opportunities and then click View Details for the opportunity they want to check in for. 

  • If the opportunity includes a required qualification, then they must complete it through the site before they can check in at the kiosk.
    • They may have to wait until the qualification is approved before they can finish the check-in process.  

Q. Can volunteers submit a qualification response?

A volunteer can sign a waiver through the kiosk, but they can't submit other qualification-type responses.

  • If a volunteer needs to submit a qualification response to check in or respond to an opportunity through the kiosk, then they'll have to complete it through the site. 

Q. How does a team check in at the kiosk?  

If volunteers respond to an opportunity as a team, then when they go to check in to that opportunity, they have the option to check in as a team. 

Q. What do I do if I'm having internet issues and can't launch the kiosk? 

The kiosk needs internet to launch and function correctly. However, there are a few things you can do if internet isn't available: 

  • See if anyone has a hotspot available or check with your site manager to see if a hotspot can be purchased for situations that require one. 
  • Discuss with your site manager a plan B in the event you don't have internet where the opportunity takes place. 
    • You may want to consider using a sign-in sheet so that those hours can be added later. 
    • Or, you might ask the volunteers to self-check in through the site on their phones if the self-check-in notification is enabled. 
      • You can also direct volunteers to this resource about the Causer app. They can download and check-in through the app!