How Do I Respond to a Volunteer Opportunity?

Created by Brittany Crow, Modified on Tue, 28 Feb 2023 at 01:34 PM by Autum Brown

It's time to respond to an opportunity! We're so excited for you to take the next steps in your volunteer journey so you can witness the great impact your contributions have on your community! Let's talk about how you can get started today by responding to available volunteer opportunities and what to do if you need to cancel. 

How do I respond an opportunity? 

Depending on how an organization has set up its site, you may be able to view available opportunities before you even register. Some require that you register and maybe even submit qualifications before you can view and respond to opportunities. All sites ask you to register before responding so they can gather enough information to ensure you have a great volunteer experience!

To start finding incredible opportunities today: 

1. Go to Opportunities from the Dashboard2. Select View Details for the opportunity you want to respond to. 

 So you know: Here are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • Private opportunities appear with a lock icon and are only viewable if you've been assigned to one or have received a link to one and responded to it. 
  • You can filter opportunities by using the dropdown beside Filter By
    • The filter lets you narrow down the search to opportunities that match your skills, allow teams to respond, or are even listed as a virtual opportunity, etc. 
  • If you want to find opportunities near you, click Use my location to show opportunities near me. This option is not present on all sites.

3. Once you've found the opportunity you want to respond to, you can either click Respond or Respond Individually to let the organization know you're interested in volunteering. 

  • You can also respond to an opportunity as a team if you and your friends want to volunteer together! Click here for details

4. There may be questions or qualifications that you have to answer when responding to an opportunity. Some are required and some are optional. If a question is required, it appears with an asterisk (*) beside it. 5. Once you've filled out the response form, click Submit Opportunity Response

What if I need to cancel?

When you respond to an opportunity, you let an organization know that you plan to show up at the designated time for the opportunity. However, schedules change, and happens. We get it! That's why if you need to, you can always cancel, or unregister.  

Option one

1. Click on your profile image or initials and select Opportunity Responses2. Under Options, click the Select an action dropdown and select Unregister for the opportunity you want to unregister for. 3. A warning popup appears to let you know that you'll lose any submitted hours for that opportunity if you've already submitted them. Click Yes to continue or No to cancel. 

Option two 

1. Go to Opportunities from your dashboard. 

2. Select the opportunity you want to unregister for. 

3. Click Manage Responses4. Uncheck the shifts you want to unregister for or toggle the button beside Respond to All Shifts to No.5. Click Submit Opportunity Response to save your changes.